Shotgun at the range?

Shotgun at the range?

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Thread: Shotgun at the range?

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    Shotgun at the range?

    I'm getting close to buying a Benelli M1 Super 90, my gun store guys have one in great condition for $795 and I'm kicking myself I didn't buy it already.
    They have a range there in the store for pistols and pistol caliber rifles. They do let you use the range when you first buy the shotgun but don't allow you to shoot it there after that.
    I like to be very familiar with all my guns, I would prefer to shoot it at least every month. I'm not familiar with shotguns and don't know the protocol, are there indoor ranges that allow shotguns? Am I limited to outdoor places?

    Anyone here know of any options for shotgun practice here in Nashville? Also some training would be useful, I'm guessing Leroy Farris would have that covered?


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    Around here outdoor only

    The ranges dont want ya shooting the shotguns inside due to spread of shot and ricochets of the wall

    They used to let ya do slugs but to many people started sneaking in bird and buck shot so no more shotguns

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    The indoor range I go to allows shotguns in it. Sometimes it surprises the folks in the next stall over if they don't see ya load it up before ya shoot it.

    Outdoor ranges usually offer a better variety of shooting options, with different types of clay shooting as well as targets.

    Trap or skeet can help with quick target acquisition and hitting a moving target, plus its a bit more fun than punching paper with a 12 gauge.
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    USPSA 3 gun matches will help you learn to use the shotgun. There is a good USPSA club just west of Nashville (~40 miles as I recall). I shot in the Tn Sectional match at that club twice-I can't remember the name of it. Old age......

    Mrs. Airedale runs a Benelli M1 for 3 gun. It's set up for 8+1 and runs like a scalded dog.
    Enjoy it!


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    The indoor rifle/shotgun ranges around me only allow slugs to be fired.

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    The only indoor range I've been to out here lets you use a shotgun, but if you're using anything but slugs you can't use the lanes closest to the wall.
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    shoot sporting clays with it! tremendous fun. the shotgun of course was created to hit moving targets. i own many shotguns- they are my real favorite guns- and shoot them at skeet, sporting, and quail as often as possible. i bet if you tried this, you would become very familiar with the operating protocol, and would be hooked. the benellis are excellent semiautos- the only negatives are 1. you cannot get most of them to cycle with light target loads (except the sport model), and 2. they have only 1 barrel, while 2 is ideal....
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