Mossberg 500 "New Haven"

Mossberg 500 "New Haven"

This is a discussion on Mossberg 500 "New Haven" within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Tell me about these shotguns. Description: Gun was apparently Bubba-fied at some point. It has an 18" smoothbore barrel and rifle sights. Barrel looks like ...

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Thread: Mossberg 500 "New Haven"

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    Mossberg 500 "New Haven"

    Tell me about these shotguns.

    Description: Gun was apparently Bubba-fied at some point. It has an 18" smoothbore barrel and rifle sights. Barrel looks like it was cut down and front sight added. Rust around the front sight leads me to believe the finish was ruined by the heat of adding the front sight. There is some additional rust in various places, but nothing I can't fix. Stock and fore-end are missmatched. Fore-end is a typical wood, not sure what kind but it looks just like most other shotguns. The stock however is a VERY nice Birdseye Maple, no signifigant dings or scratches. The price is very reasonable.

    1. Reliability. Are these considered reliable, quality guns? Were they highend, low end or in the middle? I plan on using it for a truck gun, so it needs SD-quality reliability... but looks don't count for much.

    2. Is the Birdseye Maple stock valuable? Would it be worth replacing and selling?
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    I just picked up a Mossberg 500 persuader (pistol grip, 8 round capacity, composite slide cover, upper heat shield and front bead) They had a sholder stock available as an addon very reasonable. Cost New In Box was 230 out the door. I recommend the sholder stock as it really hurt to use the factory pistol grip, the hole for the bolt to attach it to the gun really hit your web of the thumb and was unbearable after 4 rounds.

    Perfect truck gun.
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    got mine new, had it for 8 years and its a workhorse, accessories available everywhere you look

    I would be careful of the price, you can get a new 500 18.5" 7+1 for $230
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    Mossberg 500 was made to be a "truck gun". Solid reliable basic shotgun.
    If indeed you suspect a home made saw job on the barrel, I would pay very close attention to the length. A slight miscalculation by "Bubba" could get you in a lot of trouble.
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    With a cut barrel I wouldn't pay over $125 for it.
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    Normally, I hesitate to recommend another site, but there is one that is ALL about shotguns and I check it out for tips/advice etc on shotguns and mossbergs in particular.

    Great folks.

    There is also a guide on to "sawed off shotguns" in the "tactical shotgun" area. You should really read that to make sure you are in compliance. Must be very carefull.
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    I have had one for nearly 30 years and can't say enough about it.
    I have used it to hunt birds, ducks, deer and tons of tactical/self defense training and it has alway done what I asked it to.
    A great gun.

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