Bushmaster Carbon 15

Bushmaster Carbon 15

This is a discussion on Bushmaster Carbon 15 within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; http://www.bushmaster.com/shopping/C...z-c15m4pre.asp How are they? Does anyone have one. The AR is an excellent rifle, but I would like to know if its still as reliable ...

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Thread: Bushmaster Carbon 15

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    Bushmaster Carbon 15


    How are they? Does anyone have one. The AR is an excellent rifle, but I would like to know if its still as reliable and durable as a carbon rifle.
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    Only having experiance with one example of a carbon recievered ar ( a buddys ) its hard to say , but the one i shot was absolute junk .
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    i think Rocky has one he should post later

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    Ever since Bushmaster has taken them over, they are supposed to be improved greatly. That being said though, my only personal experience was with a carbon 15 pistol, and I was not impressed.
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    I have a C15 pistol. It came from the factory, post-bushmaster takeover, with the wrong gas block and screwed up feed ramps

    It came back with a dremel job on the ramps that I could have done better and the correct block - runs 100% but looks like hell on the ramp.

    If it wasn't so damn fun I'd have raised holy hell even more than I did - but what it told me was I had my one and only Bushie experience.

    During the ban, it was the only real game in town for an AR pistol.

    Now I'd be looking at other stuff.
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    Mrs. Airedale shoots one for 3 gun matches. Zero problems, runs wolf ammo, and runs and runs. That's first hand experience with a Carbon rifle.
    Two summers ago, it ran all summer, with no more than a bore snake through it.

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    I bought a Bushie marked Carbon 15 type 97. Overall it worked fine. a few minor problems .
    The brass deflector fell off. (scewed on part). The muzzle brake would fly off under rapid fire occasionally. Not all the parts were (mil spec) or factory spec.
    The gun did work well, right out of the box. FTF , ect were not a problem. the gun was approx 1 lb. lighter than an M-4 type carbine. The handguards would get hot after 3-4 mags full in rapid fire(30 rnd mags). The lack of iron sights didn't help either.
    For what I have seen on AR15.com, most who have the bushmaster branded Carbon series have had few problems. If you want a light gun it should work well. The carbon body does not show scratches like the alum. Accuracy seemed o.k.
    If you want a AR to change out parts, up grade, ect go with a standard AR configuration.
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