Rescuing a beat up old shotgun

Rescuing a beat up old shotgun

This is a discussion on Rescuing a beat up old shotgun within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Say I were to buy an old Bubbafied pump shotgun; some rust, finish coming off, etc. Internals seem fine. Rather than sending it off to ...

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Thread: Rescuing a beat up old shotgun

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    Rescuing a beat up old shotgun

    Say I were to buy an old Bubbafied pump shotgun; some rust, finish coming off, etc. Internals seem fine.

    Rather than sending it off to be refinished, what if I removed the rust myself and used something like Rustoleum High Heat spraypaint to "refinish" the metal in matte black:

    1. Would I go to Hell?
    2. Would the Rustoleum work and hold up?

    Remember that the gun has already been chopped up, Bubbafied and generally abused. I'm trying to return some dignity to the gun without spending more than the $100 I would pay for it.
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    I have sucessfully used camo pattern adhesive cut outs for one shotgun and camo paint (kylon) on another shotgun. You get some scratches after a while .
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    I would give Blue Wonder a try.
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    You can cut sheets of 3M Wet or Dry paper into strips and "ShoeShine" sand the barrel.

    That looks great to create a nice even Satin Finish.

    Then either Cold Blue or if you're going to paint it then might as well get the best stuff "Dura-Coat" from Lauer Custom Weaponry.
    It's not that much more expensive and it looks fantastic and really holds up very well.

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    A lot of color options with Duracoat, they even have 870 Black as one of the black options. The paint alone is $17 for one gun.

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    I've had great luck with Dupli-Color w/ Ceramic from a rattle can. Just be sure to cure it in the oven if you use even resists Acetone fairly well in a test that I did with it...but it won't hold up nearly as well as some of the gun coatins that are on the market today.

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    3,468 has all of the above and their own Teflon/Moly coat. It requires baking (you can do it in a home oven), but I like it better than DuraCoat. Spray cans are so-so, get an airbrush kit, if you can. Otherwise the Teflon/Moly seems the most forgiving. YMMV....

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    If this was my project, I'd get all the rust removed and arrested, perhaps add a good oil finish to the stock, and leave the rest alone. Lack of blueing on an older gun, shows character.

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