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sks or Nagant?

This is a discussion on sks or Nagant? within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by JT Good choice. However, the ammo isn't cheap like it was. Most of what is left is steel cased, although you can ...

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Thread: sks or Nagant?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JT View Post
    Good choice.

    However, the ammo isn't cheap like it was. Most of what is left is steel cased, although you can occasionally find some brass cased. Either way, it has about doubled in price.
    We need another 2nd world country to open up it's armory and "get rid" of all their "useless" surplus 8mm ammo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spectre View Post
    We need another 2nd world country to open up it's armory and "get rid" of all their "useless" surplus 8mm ammo.
    I'm sure our stupid government would find a completely ludicrous reason to ban it's import too.
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    The nag is roughly equil to a .308 or 30-06 , the sks roughly equil to a 30-30 . Up to and including deer either should be fine within a couple hundred yards . Neither will show match accuracy but both will show enough to take down a deer ( or a man ) at a couple hundred yards . The 8mm also comes in on the rough 30-06 power scale . Personaly were it me picking up a " sole " rifle i would shop for a used savage in .308 since they seem to be really undervalued in the market and are unlikely to be affected by any ammo import bans . Either set it up as a psudo scout , or go with a variable power optic with a real low bottom end ( like a 3x9 for example ) conventional relief scope to get the " all around " rifle utility out of it .
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    Re 8mm ammo - and haven't priced any surplus in a while ....... about two or more years ago got 3,200 rounds of Turk, for ... $125!!!

    Still got plenty left.
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    I think this is about the best deal going right now on brass cased surplus 8mm...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowsbane View Post
    Looking for a cheap but reliable rifle for hunting season, but one that would also be somewhat useable for a SHTF senario as the price of a slug barrel for my shotgun is as much as an entirely new rifle.

    Due to cost I have it down to the SKS in 7.62x39 or the the Nagant in the 7.62X54.

    However I know very little about these guns except that they are Russian and like most Russian guns will outlast a world war or three.

    So, does anybody have either of these or both?

    Looking to make shots around the 200-300 yard range with a scope if that helps, and I am planning on at least attempting to take 2 deer and possibly a bear (if i feel frisky)

    Thank you for any assistance.
    Both will work for whitetail deer in NC, but your ranges that you quoted are not realistic for these rifles. Most dear in our state (NC) are taken at ranges less than 100 yards no matter what "tall tales" from other hunters you may hear. I have taken several dear with miliatry surplus rifles and the Mosin Nagant's (91/30, M38 and M44) can do a good job within limits. The 7.62x54R is compairable with the 30.06, but the typical Mosin Nagant (its pronouned like MOseen NAgon) is only capable of 3 inch groups at 100 yards in my opinion. The 7.62x39 round is ballisticly slightly less powerful thanthe 30-30 but will work at "bush gun ranges"
    Here is a M38 Mosin Nagant with a ATI stock and Extended Eye Relief (EER) 2.5X scope mounted to the rear sight base. If you use a "standard scope you will have to drill and tap the reciever. I personally like the EER (scout scope) setup on this rifle and I can keep the rounds in the black at 100 yards with this scope.

    Mosin Nagant M38

    Other options with better accuracy include:
    Yugo 24/47 Mauser with 2x scout scope mounted

    Swiss K31 with EER scope

    I like the scout scope mounted to the rear sight base of these Milsurps because I can have them back to the oiginal configeration in 30 minutes and it does not permanently alter the gun in any way.
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    First of all I would like to thank you all for the responses, great information has been passed on to me. I especially found the caliber comarisons to be quite helpfull in weighting the pros/cons.

    And now a bit of information concerning my question.

    Due to various reasons including my putting my wife through college, her inability to work next semester (there by loosing her free unlimited meal plan on campus), and rising cost of rent, insurance, and well just about everything else my hunting is not just for sport this season, but is (at this time)the most viable option to keep my family well fed, and a roof over our heads. Money is going to be tight after the summer so I am trying to plan ahead, before things get "too tight". That is why I asked about the Nagants and SKS firearms as I have heard they were dirt cheap and reliable as all hell, but I had heard nothing more than that so I went to the "men on the mountain" so to speak to search for information, and once again I was well rewarded with a good deal of information so thank you.

    And now to respond to the comments.

    I have hunted bear in the past with a 30-30 winchester, by all means it is not my prefered option, but shot placement rules all in the end and I did not feel underguned in that senario. However I also beleive that the power of the 308 or equivelent is far more suited to such an endeavor.

    The 200-300 range is on abandoned farmland that I have recently given permission to use for hunting, I have not seen it yet but the owner has stated that the distance pertaining to the safest field of fire I can obtain is about 300-400 yards long. (As in there are no residences for a good distance on that part of the land). My preference is nice and close, for anything that cant shoot me back, but I wanted to have the option if it was the only one available. This distance also only pertains to deer as any location I could hunt bear would offer a much smaller range opportunity.

    Accuracy is my biggest issue, as the last thing I want to do is give some poor animal a slow death with a wound in the gut. I was told that 00 buck in a full choke would harm my shotgun and as stated in the first post a new barrel cost more than a "new" rifle. That being said seems like the options I presented appear to be a crap shoot at best as to their ability to group nicely.

    I know nothing at all about weapons in 8mm, except it was the caliber of the kar98 (I think) It sounds like a good possiblity if I can find one cheapish. As does the 308 savage.

    Hmm seems like I need to do some more searching, but in the meantime looks like its time to get my fishing gear out.

    Thank you again for all your suggestions and advice. It was all great food for thought so to speak.

    Now, we must all fear evil men. But there is another kind of evil which we must fear most, and that is the indifference of good men.

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