Anybody shoot a Sharps 45-70?

Anybody shoot a Sharps 45-70?

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Thread: Anybody shoot a Sharps 45-70?

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    Anybody shoot a Sharps 45-70?

    I was thinking about getting a "Quigley" Rifle. Has anyone shot or played with one?


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    Yeah, my father in law has one. Its pretty neat to shoot, just not my cup 'o tea.

    Its fun to watch cans explode with it at longer distances, and it dents the heck out of our steel plates.
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    I shoot a 45-90. They are a lot of fun but very different from "modern" guns (I use black powder in mine). The actual Quigley gun was in 45-110 -- I took a reproduction (meaning cheap) 45-70 and cut it to 45-110. That one is interesting to play with but it really will not shoot like a real Shiloh Sharps.
    I have always heard to start with 45-70 and that may be true regarding smokeless and black powder cartridges, but I started with a 40-65 (scary accurate) then the 110 and then the 45-90, all using only black powder. Since Starline makes 45-90 brass, it's easy enough to load for and just great to shoot.

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    Just 45-70 thru a Ruger #1 here (oh and BFR) - but I love that cartridge!
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    I have a Shiloh Sharps in .45-70 & a Marlin Guide Gun in .45-70. Love the Guide Gun, I hunt with it regularly. The Sharp's doesn't get shot that much, the gun is more capable than my eye-sight is........(old age catching up)
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    I’ve got a Shiloh #1 Sporter in 45-100 2.6” that I used for 800-1000 yard matches & Buff Shoots, and I also own a couple Ballard High-Walls in 45-90 and 40-70 that I shoot in BPCR Silhouette.

    Start with either the 45-70 or 40-65 for your 1st BPCR, the components are cheaper and they are pretty forgiving cartridges to learn on. The longer cases, while cool, can be a PITA to sort out. Also, if you plan on shooting smokeless, just stick with the 45-70, but really to enjoy these rifles you’ve GOT to shoot BP.

    With the longer cartridges, the brass can/is expensive. 45-100 brass is at $1.00 per and 45-2.4 brass is close to it. For my competition rifles I keep about 3-500 pieces of brass on hand, so that gives you an idea of cost in brass alone.

    A while back I wrote an article for a shooting magazine on how to load black power cartridges. If you’re interested PM me with an email address and I’ll send you a copy.

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    I had a c-sharps 1874 sporting rifle in 45-70. Had to sale it for the money though. You can't go wrong with 45-70. What really cool about c sharps and shiloh is that they even mark the caliber correctly on the barrel ie 45 1/10. I just wish I still had something in 45-70 still fortunatly I still have my 45-90.

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    I have an original 1886 Winchester take down in .45-70 and my Mother in Law has several 45-70 breech loading Springfields in various configurations...
    They are all fired on occasion and are great fun.....
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