Remington 30-06 semi-auto

Remington 30-06 semi-auto

This is a discussion on Remington 30-06 semi-auto within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I think it is a 7400 if I understood him correctly. A friend of a friend is selling this gun (a few years old, says ...

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Thread: Remington 30-06 semi-auto

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    Remington 30-06 semi-auto

    I think it is a 7400 if I understood him correctly. A friend of a friend is selling this gun (a few years old, says he hasn't shot 30 rounds through it). I'm not familiar with the model, he wants $300 for it and says it is in near perfect condition.
    Assuming when I look at it that it is in great shape, does that sound fair? Is that a good rifle, it will mainly be a deer hunting rifle.

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    Price sounds good for a little used rifle but subject to checking ... not familiar with 7400. I have a 760 after which came the 7600 - that is a pump however ... nice rifle. Various chamberings I think.

    dr_cmg has just gotten a nice pump too in .223 but forget model number.

    Other thought - not all states permit hunting with a semi - has to be bolt or pump.
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    for 300 buy it if its in good shape

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    My dad has one in .308 and it is a nice rifle, and absorbs recoil well. Kicks about half as bad as my Savage bolt action in .308.

    Dad's neighbor has the same rifle in 30-06. Dad has not shot his a lot over the years, but has never had any problems when he has. His neighbor OTOH has been hunting anythng that moves with his for 25 years and shoots it regularly. No problems with his. I think he loves that rilfe more than his grandkids.

    Not a tack driver, but plenty accurate for most realistic applications and dependable to my knowledge, which is limited to the two rifles mentioned. 300 is a good price, especially if it is in near new condition. I have seen a few for $250 on Gunbroker, but they are usually pretty beat up. Nice ones are usually $300 or more. I want one, but have never gotten around to getting one YET.
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    There are a lot of these in my area. The local prison used them for "tower guns" and sold them off a few years ago. I have seen seveal in for service for not ejecting. The design is not conducive to easy cleaning of the chamber and when it gets rough with fouling you see FTEs. Make sure you buy a good chamber brush and pay attention to your chamber, might want some foaming cleaner too. Other than that they are great guns. The only other repair on one I've ever seen is a broken magazine catch from dropping the gun on a pickup truck tailgate. Not the gun's fault and a $5 fix.

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    A 7400 in very good to excellent condition is a very good buy at $300. Most of them in that price range have been rode hard and put up wet, and showing much hard use.

    Buy it, if its as good as he says.
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