Let's talk shotgun slings.....

Let's talk shotgun slings.....

This is a discussion on Let's talk shotgun slings..... within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Let's here from you guys. I have a Mossy 500 LEO trade-in. I just installed a Knoxx SpecOPS recoil reducing stock on her. I haven't ...

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Thread: Let's talk shotgun slings.....

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    Let's talk shotgun slings.....

    Let's here from you guys. I have a Mossy 500 LEO trade-in. I just installed a Knoxx SpecOPS recoil reducing stock on her. I haven't gotten to the range yet to test it, but I hope to do so sometime this week. The Mossy has standard front and rear studs for attaching a sling. I'd like to purchase a sling for it but have seen literally dozens of them and would like to get some input from people who have different types and see where I could narrow down my choices. If you have a sling on your Mossy or even your Remmy, let me hear about it. Tell me what you like and what you don't like.

    This shotty is 100% a home defense gun. The wife and I will take it to the range on a regular basis to keep familiar with it and stay in tune with it. This gun will not just sit in the corner, it will get a workout on a regular basis. I'm loking to get into a sling that's comfortable and easy to hit on the transition to a sidearm if needed.

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    I have seen a few 3 pt or sing point slings mounted on shotguns. Can't remember who makes a attach point, but someone here probably will.
    Just a thought, but slings can get in the way for HD or building clearing/use. They can get caught on door handles ,ect.
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    This is the sling I just ordered for my 500. They have the mounting points also. They also have an assortment of other Tactical Slings.

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    My sling on my Ithaca 37 is rather unique and fits perfectly for the gun. There is a sling mount on the end of the pump/forearm, but theres no sling mount attached to the wood stock and I'd rather not drill a hole in such nice wood. Anyway, one end attaches to the sling and the other end attaches to the stock end as a pad.
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    This is JMHO. For indoors use(HD) a sling is not a good idea. It's one more thing to get snagged on something. As for out doors I have used many tactical slings and regular types. For a pump I refer a simple 1.75"-2" wide basic as it gets sling. Thats just me thuogh.
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    I like a two point sling for my long guns. With a plate between the stock, and the receiver. The front is attached to a plate where the extension tube meets the stock tube. This will keep the shotgun or rifle in a good position to transfer between handgun, and long gun.


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    On my mossberg, I use just a simple 2 point nylon sling.

    I have quick detachable sling swivels to totally remove the sling for indoor use. I agree with Alien for indoor home defense use.

    When with the swat team however, I do keep the sling attached. It's essential for those missions.

    I also have a 3 point Eagle Industries tactical sling, but presently it is mounted on my AR-15 carbine.
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