Please forgive my lack of instuctional ability.

*If you do this you do it at your own risk.*

First remove thr trigger guard assembly. Rermove the trigger from the triggergaurd.
Then remove the sear from the receiver.
That's it. Your ready to begin.

Polish the two little humps on the trigger that contact the sear.
Polish the area on the sear that the trigger contacts. While your at it polish the tip of the sear that contacts the hammer on the bolt. DO NOT REMOVE ANY METAL. Just lightly polish

That's the easy part. Now we move on to the hammer.

Be very careful not to remove to much metal here or you will have problems. .01" will do. It just needs to have a slight downward angle (like my horrible graphic indicates). Just do a little at a time till you get the desired release. Make sure it is even from side to side. Unfortunately it does require allot of disassembly and reassembly. Once you get the angle right polish it up to a mirror like finnish.
Now your done with the trigger pull. If you don't want to elliminate the two stage then do every thing the same except don't angle the hammer very much at all.

Next is the overtravel stop. There is a slot on the outter rear of the triggerguard. Drill a hole and Tap it. You now can run a screw through it . Tighten down to desired depth to elliminate overtravel. Use Loc-Tight to keep it in place. I also used a small clear rubber hose that barely fit over the screw to cover up the threads. Shrinktube would work well too.

I've done three rifles so far and they turned out really good. I tested my own by (EMPTY GUN) cocking the gun, leaving the safety off and slaming the butt on the floor repeatedly and the hammer never dropped. I also held the rifle about 7' off the floor and dropped it to see if the hammer would release. It did not. I don't usually treat my gun this way but it was the first one I did and I wanted to make sure it was safe to use.

This does require attention to detail and patience. Remember when removing metal from a gun part to fit it remove only a little at a time. It's lways easier to deal with needing to remove more than to have to buy a new part cause of to much metal being removed.

If you do this and your safety will almost engage but not quite don't freak out I can help with that. Again remove metel from the hammer slowly!

My trigger used to be a slightly gritty 6.3 lbs. Now it breaks clean ay 3 lbs. It made it allot eaier to make precise shots. My groups at 100 yards went from 1.75"-2" to .89"-1.5" averages depending on the load used.

I may have left out details. Like I said I'm no good at instruction. Ask as many questions as you would like. I'll be more than happy to help.