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Thread: Home Defense

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    Home Defense

    What is your home defense long gun weapon and ammunition? What are your reasons for these choices?

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    My Home Defence gun is a Remmington 870, 7rnd, 18". I use winchester 000 in 2-3/4 shells.
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    Not relevant to your question but my EDC is always first in line for go-to grab anyways.

    Long gun tho is 12G 870 - coupla rounds #4 shot and rest 00 buck. It is overall for me the compromize solution, and if 2 rounds close up of lighter shot do not have enough effect, the remainder probably will!

    There's also a Mossy 500C 20G around elsewhere and fairly available.

    I do not keep a rifle as the long arm option due primarily to issues over penetration, even tho it seems .223 will break up with dry wall - so I have heard. I have a CX4 Storm in 9mm and have at times had that on hand.
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    First line of defense is motion sensing lighting outside and two alert dogs inside.
    Then there is the XD9 with light/laser on my bedside.
    But if you come in making too much noise you get the long gun treatment, Kel-Tec Sub2000 9mm.
    I can put all 18 rounds into a a fist sized group at any distance found inside my house in about 4 seconds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pgrass101 View Post
    Nice feet Pgrass!

    It really depends on the what day it is. Its going to be a 220 or a G23, because those are my work guns and they are always ready to play. If I'm off, it will be an 870 or AR. Most likely an 870.
    Plus the dogs.
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    Marlin model 94,44 Mag 180 gr.

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    The only long-gun I keep loaded at home is a Mossberg 500 12Ga. I keep a Knoxx Spec-Ops stock on it, and a 6-rd side-saddle with 2 3/4in 00Bk. 5 more rds in the tube, and chamber empty in condition 3 (hammer down).

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    Older Ithaca Model 37 w/ a short Police DSPS (Deer Slayer Police Special) Riot Barrel.

    100% reliable and as long as I hold the trigger in...mine will fire with each forward rack of the slide. The later ones have an intercept. It's a very fast shotty with super positive feed and bottom ejection.
    It's just the perfect home defense shotgun to me.
    Mine has no frills or add ons. It's factory stock.
    I keep mine stoked with #4
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    Depends I have the Ar-15 loaded since ti doesnt fit in the safe next to the 12 gauge Winchester 1300 defender loaded with buckshot and slugs

    All depends what i grab first

    Thinking of changing the winchester to a mossie with the ghost ring sights etc etc

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    Remington Sportsman 45 loaded with a few OO buckshot...
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    Rossi "Coach Gun" 12 ga with exposed hammers side-by-side. 000 Buckshot. I live in a very old home (1936) and it's made like a WWII Bunker. Poured concrete. I have no kids in the home and two big dogs. I have a great tactical shottie in my Benelli M121 w/rifle sights and being pro-ported. But the side-by-side w/rabbit eared hammers is easily checked for loaded and cocked status. I have a sp rd butt cuff on the stock w/5 rds. The gun is mostly for my wife and is located in a special bracket in the master bedroom above the door. Both barrels are loaded and the hammers are at rest. Gun has dual triggers. One bbl is modified cylinder and the other improved cylinder.
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    I have the ubiquitous Remington 870 under my bed. 18.5" barrel, rifle sights, extended mag, Knoxx Compstock and hopefully a Surefire forend in the near future. I keep the chamber empty and dry fired so it can be quickly racked. I do this in the hopes that the racking sound will be enough to discourage any immediate threats. And if it doesn't I have 5 rounds of 27 pellet #4 buck and 2 rounds of 9 pellet 00 Buck in the tube. I have anouther 2 9 pellet 00 Bucka and 2 1oz slugs in a Mesa Tactical sidesaddle.

    I chose the #4 because I live in an apartment and I want to reduce any chances of over penetration that I can without sacrificing lethality at the ranges it would be used.
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    Robinson Armament XCR in .223 loaded with Hornady 75 grain TAP rounds. I decided to go with a .223 rifle because I live in an apartment and I'm concerned about what a round might hit after it goes through the wall.

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    Remington 870 with a 20 inch barrel and and extended magazine. I use low brass 2 3/4 inch 00 buckshot. No need for the extra kick and muzzle blast from the 3 inch magnum loads IMO.

    To answer the why to your question,

    I believe that the 12 gauge pump shotgun loaded with buckshot is the best close quarters weapon available to the average citizen in defense of the home. The odds are heavy in favor of nine (or more!) buckshot pellets to COM equals one dead BG. Now I do know that someone could wear armor or be doped up enough to take multiple hits from a shotgun and still be in the fight but I like the house odds on the 12 gauge doing its job.
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