Had to scratch that itch.

Had to scratch that itch.

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Thread: Had to scratch that itch.

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    Had to scratch that itch.

    I have had an itch that needed scratching very bad. 6 months ago, I bought a WASR-10. Good gun, fair finish. The thing shot every time I pulled the trigger. Very dependable gun. But I had to scratch. Needed to build one of my own. I ordered some $99 Romy "G" kits from J&G Sales, a NDS-3 reciever from NoDak Spud, a fire control kit (trigger, hammer, disconnector, gas piston, slant brake) from Tapco and some screws from the local hardware store. These are the 6 parts I decided to use. You can use most anything on the rifle, as long as you use 6 to make it 922 clean. Total cost, $200.

    The hardest part was doing it SLOW to make sure I didn't demill any metal that didn't need drilled. Got all the rivets out, tapped the holes for the screws I had. All but one of the holes lined up exactly on the reciever. That one was taken care of with a dremmel. Wood furniture was very nasty looking. I stripped all the old finish off, sanded it and applied 4 coats of Minwax stain/polyurethane, lightly rubbing with 000 steel wool after each coat had 24 hours to dry. the last one was left alone.

    I had to do a little tweaking with each part to make it a rifle again, but it was well worth it. Took it to the range last weekend. Headspace was checked when I put it together, but I had to prove it was safe before I put it to my shoulder to shoot it. I layed it down, put a sandbag over the non-moving parts, tied a string to the trigger and stood back 10 feet. Maybe overkill, but that is me. I yanked the string, bang. Rifle cycled good for 10 rounds. I went over and shot another 90 rounds thru it the way a rifle is sposed to be shot. No problems. Next one is gonna be a rivet build, I want to experience both types of build.

    It was an experience building it myself. I know everything in that rifle and how it works. Gunco.net and akfiles.com is the place to go to read all about building your own AK. There are even videos on the various steps to building. Another excellent place to learn is at gunsgutsandgod.com. This is my first of many I plan to build, I have another itch, a pistol version. We will see.
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    Congrats. Very Nice DIY project.
    I might do one this winter. Sure beats watching TV and you really have something decent when you're finished.
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    Nice job! I haven't tried an AK yet. My FN's were relatively easy though.

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    I'm an AK fan. Great job!

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    I'm hoping to get my first AK this year. I might try my hand at building one sometime in the future

    I just don't have your access to tools
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    I'm thinking of getting a kit or two and putting them away right now for later, just in case...

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    I am having a hard time not scratching that same itch :) One day I will pick one up. I need to find an outdoor range first...

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    Mech, can you give us a detaile descrition of the job? I have the itch too but the rivet thing worries me.
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