New WASR-10 (pics)

New WASR-10 (pics)

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Thread: New WASR-10 (pics)

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    New WASR-10 (pics)

    So, I ended up picking up a WASR-10 after debating it in this thread:

    It came with 2 stocks, but actually like the one on it now. I put 60 rounds through it with no problems and best of all - no trigger slap!

    However, is the slide supposed to lock back after the last shot? I don't know much at all about rifles (I'm a pistol guy), but I was wondering if it's normal for the slide not to lock back? Thanks!

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    The AK design is not supposed to lock back it was not designed to do so. But if you look down a couple of catagorys I think P95 carry has a thread on modifing the safety lever so it can be held open.
    Edit: it is P95's thread and its in the reference and How to Catagory
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    I'm thinking og getting one of these myself. Can you get a better cheek weld with the dragunov stck?
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    Nice looking wasr.
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    No auto bolt-hold-open but yes as frostyeyes mentions I did do a thread on a method of achieving a manual hold-open.

    My initial approach needs some small modifications but the principle will work.

    Nice WASR - I actually like that kinda stock myself.
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    Does the slide stay back after you remove the magazine? If not, then it has been modified like a Yugo to hold it back after the last round. Some people weld an empty shell casing to the bottom of the magazine to hold the slide back after the last round is fired.

    I am more of an underfold guy myself; but that is a clean AK!

    Cheers! M2

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    On all rifles using a goverment range, during a no shooting time, the bolt is suppose to be in the lock back position. That is so the ranger can walk down the line and see that all weapons are safe. An AK dose not lock back and I used to use a pencil in the action to show it was safe. P95Carry is a easy way to lock back your bolt with really no more than 5 min. of work. It will also keep the ranger from yelling at you! lol

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    I'm personally not a fan of those types of stock, especially on military style rifles, but nice gun nonetheless. I hope it serves you well in any given situation, and of course have fun with it too!
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    That is a nice looking WASR 10 you have there.

    I am not a big fan of the type of stock you have on it but if it suits you, then that is what matters.

    Congrats on the no trigger slap too. I have a WASR 10 that also has no trigger slap. There are WASR's out there without slap. Some folks think they don't exist but you and I know better.
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    If you want the bolt to hold open, you need bolt hold open followers in your magazines..

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    Actually you don't. I fell for the "Special Hold open Yugo Mags" and later realized that the only difference between those and a regular mag is this. Grab a regular mag, remove the floorplate, spring and follower. Look inside the mag near the lips and you will see 2 little bumps, get your dremmel tool and grind down the two little bumps. Re-assemble and voila! You have a Hold Open mag. Good News: The bolt is now held by the follower after the last shot. Bad News: It does not hold the bolt back enough to allow proper feeding of the new mag and the bolt will jump forward the second you remove the mag.
    IMHO unless you are required to keep your rifle without a round in the chamber (with or without mag) this way of keeping the bolt open is not productive and will actually slow you down during a mag change.
    I think I recall some guy in the internet selling a kit that would do the job right, but I can't find the link
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    my AK is a wasr-10 also, and it does have trigger slap
    I don't worry about the slide locking back after last round but thats just me
    I need to figure out the best way to get rid of the trigger slap and get the red dot scope I want and it will be "completed"
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