Considering Benelli for home defense

Considering Benelli for home defense

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Thread: Considering Benelli for home defense

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    Considering Benelli for home defense

    I know there are a lot of good, fairly inexpensive shotguns that are suitable for home defense. In fact I have an old High Standard riot gun (used in my Armed Success story), though the action has always been a bit sluggish when cycling shells, it's okay.

    Aside from all that admittedly I have the fever for a new shotgun, and I'm favoring semi's, and have been looking closely at Benelli M2 tactical, though I've never shot one (no place to rent here). They feel and handle remarkably good.....I'm impressed, they are a bit pricey ($990ish). I'm considering the one with rifle sights, 21" barrel, tactical stock w/o pistol grip (doesn't seem natural to me on a shotgun ), extended magazine tube and tactical light.

    Not only would I use it for home defense, but we'd utilize it quite a bit on our range supplementing our pistol practice. The impression that I get from reading about and handling the gun is that they are very good. I was hoping that someone here has some experience in actually shooting quite a few rounds through one?
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    I have shot the some of the tacticle autos before, and I think you will like it.

    The benelli autos seem to be fairly universally agreed to be good on here. I think I am the only one that sticks up for the super nova pump. The nova pump is junk, but the super nova has turned out to be a good shotgun.

    That aside, I have never heard any bad about their tacticle autos, and usually nothing but good. The few I have fired were all very comfortable and performed well.
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    If you've got the money, you can't go wrong with a Benelli...
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    Why is the Nova pump considered junk? I've had one for years...and it goes BOOM every time I pull the trigger, not FTF or parts going bad....

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    Have considered the Saiga12? I love mine. 10 round mags swap out in 4 seconds. They cost about $500.

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    I personally love my M3 you get the best of both worlds...It's what the SPAS wanted to be in a much sexier shell.
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    Just my .02 ...stick with the 870. The Benelli is great for sporting purposes but ours have proven to be less than reliable for SRT work. I'm of the opinion that defense is defense no matter if you are a homeowner or cop! Defense weapons must be above all, reliable. I know that there a lot of groups that like and use Benelli products but our experience has been a bit negative. None of ours were reliable with the "tactical" loads. We spec this type of shell for its pattern. The Benellis choked on this more often than not even after seeing the Benelli doc. The 870's have never let us down. Additionally, the 870 is easier to "fit" to the shooter. Lights, sights and most importantly LOP are all easily changed to suit just about anyone. And.... you can get an 870 for about 1/3 the price of the Benelli. Spend the difference on shells and a Awerbuck shotgun course!

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    I own 2 Benelli's; a SBE that I use for waterfowl and a M1S90 that I use for HD

    Neither of mine have ever missed a beat. I think the key is to follow the Benelli break in instructions of 100 rds of max dram loads, then keep the gun lubed properly. Both of my guns shoot WalMart cheap field loads for practice and the M1S90 shoots the FED Tactical stuff reliably, but I now shoot the FED TAP full power loads. My M1S90 has a mounted light and a butt carrier loaded with 6 rounds, no problems with at least this much weight.

    My SBE has seen some pretty crappy conditions to include getting knocked overboard twice while hunting flooded CAs. One time I stomped it into the mud trying to find it. I then broke it down, flushed out the action in the water and finished the hunt.

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    Have a Benelli Nova pump for SD and shoot it a lot. It has been faultless and a pleasure even to clean. Nothing wrong with a Remington 870 either.

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    price for price..... i would go with the remington 870. hard to beat a gun that works...... no matter what.
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    You'll be happy with a Benelli - they are quality firearms. I've had my M1S90 for 6 years so far - bought it new for $1187 - and haven't had any problems whatsoever. My understanding is that the M2 is basically the same only incorporating their new recoil reducing buttstock. Sounds like a win-win to me, and for $990 I'd buy one myself if I didn't already have one.


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    I own an M2 Tactical. Heres my review:
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    Benelli is the way to go. They are light, simple, and reliable. No, with light reloads and light tactical loads they don't work well unless you re-work the springs (available as a kit for that use), but who uses that stuff anyway? With half-brass loads they do fine--crisp and quick shot recovery, light recoil, and at a weight comparable to an 870.

    If you have the cash, they ARE the way to go. My M1 Tactical and Montefeltro have shot 3 gun matches that rival any reasonable stress test you could imagine--never a hiccup. (wish I could say that about my Bushmasters).

    If you have the cash, I'd do it without hesitation. Heck--I have. <g>

    HK Dan
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