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What kind of grouping can you get at 100m and what kind of pistol? Sounds like you are a way better shot than me although honestly I can't remember trying to engage anything at 100 yrds with a pistol other than rocks on a high wall. Think I hit some, will have to check this out on the next range trip.
Mostly I shoot my Sigs (226 9mm, Pro Compact 9mm, 226 357) when I'm at the range these days. Group-wise, 6-8" is doable if I'm in the right mindset. We practice with clay pidgeons at 50 and 100 and mulch them down to nothing, and by comparison, the full-sized blue men are much, much easier.

With 9mm, it's good to 100m and a little more work to 150. .357 Sig and I are just starting to get along and I put 4 of 5 in the black on a 100m rifle target at 200 the other afternoon. It's a hair flatter than the 9 and that makes a real difference pushing out there.

I'd suggest starting out with staggered targets - 25m, 50m, 75m, 100m. Pop cans for the first two, two liter bottles for the second. Get a spotter if it helps - the range I use is in the high desert and you get convenient dust clouds on impact and can see the small crater, so correction is simple.

At the longer distances, you're trusting a little more on faith, but some of it may be the weapons in question as well. A friend of mine who had never handled the 357 Sig blasted a clay at 50m on his first shot when we were out this morning.