Looking for new AK Stock?

Looking for new AK Stock?

This is a discussion on Looking for new AK Stock? within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; While I really like a number of things about my new WASR-10, I HATE the crappy furniture that it came with. I'm looking for a ...

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Thread: Looking for new AK Stock?

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    Looking for new AK Stock?

    While I really like a number of things about my new WASR-10, I HATE the crappy furniture that it came with.

    I'm looking for a high quality, black, synthetic furniture set. I don't need many/any tech type features like rails, I just want a nice tight fitting, well finished stock.

    Anyone have a fav source?


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    I'd recommend Tapco, but you said high quality.
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    Stock from K-Var, Warsaw Pact legnth
    Galil forend w/ rails & Grip, plus SAW grip all TAPCO.

    It's been to the range, played hard & heavy and still holding on strong.
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    Look at One Source Tatical too - they have some stuff that'll hold up well.

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    There are a lot of places to get new furniture, This is what I have on mine, it works great, especially since the wife and I aren't the same height.

    Tapco at Sportsman's Guide I love it, went on easy.
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    ultimak <-- bought my AK parts there
    copes distributing
    Ohio rapid fire
    midwest armory


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    I'd suggest the Kvar bulgy style handguards with heat shields. I have a tapco Galil style front grip and a Tapco sidefolder on mine.
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