I know what you mean, Miggy! The WASR has a "lesser" finish, and has front-sight issues, much like Bushmaster ARs have in the past, but they both keep clocking along.

Diesel, I'll be honest, I'm extremely pessimistic about 2008, so unless you have a LARGE budget, I would recommend an AK, 12-15 mags, and 2 cases of Wolf Military-Classic. As far as "which AK?", if you like to tinker, or just want one that runs now, I like the WASR. For around $200 or so more, you can get an Arsenal.

Forgot to add: the sights on the AK may work for you, but you'll have more accuracy if you have the rear blade opened up, and get a different front post. XS sights makes a complete replacement set, with tritium. ACE makes a replacement drum that will accept any AR post. www.riflestocks.com