New Shotgun + Shop Review (AZ)

New Shotgun + Shop Review (AZ)

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Thread: New Shotgun + Shop Review (AZ)

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    New Shotgun + Shop Review (AZ)

    I broke down and finally decided to get myself a solid HD tool. Living in an apartment complex, its tough to try and justify using an AR or AK for HD. Plus, the likely confrontation area has windows and a kid sleeps in the room opposite the path outside. Thusly, I opted for a shotgun. I've been looking between the Mossberg 5-Series and the Remington 870.

    I got myself the Mossberg 500. I was intially looking for the Persuader, but I found this one for $300 (tax inc.) brand new!

    I'm already planning to replace the single pistolgrip with a complete buttstock kit. Other considered "mods": Pistol grip on the front, Barrel shroud, shell holder on the side and probably something like Ghost Halo sights. Any tips or things to look out for?

    Anyhow, on to the shop...

    These guys are AWESOME. They have some of the best prices I've seen between the town I live in and Phoenix.

    Shooter's Vault
    3202 E. Greenway Rd.
    Ste. 1273
    Phoenix, AZ 85032
    (602) 971-8600

    Walking in I was met with a polite nod and a smile from the two guys working the counter. I looked for a few minutes at their selection and drooled over some of their prices while I talked with the guy I was with. One approached me and asked if I wanted to see anything. We started discussing shotguns and what I was looking for. Telling the guy what I was looking for, he tells me they just sold their last one. He had the other guy call their supplier and see if they could get any in more soon. They said the earliest would be Tuesday (I live 90 miles north of Phoenix, so that doesn't work). After a few seconds trying to decide if I should get it or not, I take the plunge for it. He heads into the back and produces one - new in box! I proceed to ask about a sling and he produces the sling and everything else needed for the mount in only a minute. I was pretty impressed. I've purchased around 10 or so weapons at various points. That was EASILY the most smooth experience I have had doing it.

    They style themselves in specializing in Optics. Meh. That's fine. I didn't see too much there as far as that is concerned, but they have a LOT. It's a small shop in a strip mall, but WOW. Barret .50, HK USP Tactical, AK's, TRUCKLOADS of AR pieces and accessories, Beta C-Mags for 8 different weapons... They carried a lot of sidearms as well. They're a Class-3 dealer (duh) but they have supressors, etc, mounted on weapons in cases..

    If you live in the Phoenix area (or visit with any regularity) you owe it to yourself to at least check these guys out. They're hidden behind the Arby's at the Northeast corner of the Intersection of Greenway and 32nd.
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    I live in Chandler and Mesa for years, didn't make it up to Phoenix too often.

    I did check out Shooter's Vault once though. I did like it there, but it was just too far out of the way.

    Check out Guns Ect. in Chandler. Its at Alma School and Warner, across Alma School from Wal-Mart and Frys. Thats who I usually dealt with.

    I must say though, $300 for your shotgun isn't a bad deal at all. You actually got a steal on that one. I bought an 870 for my first gun and spent a few hundred replacing and adding things to make it a "tactical" shotgun.

    Take it out to Sycamore Creek! You will have fun with this one. I recommend Federal 3inch 00buck rounds to keep in it.
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    Nice SIX,have fun with that is nice to come accross a gun store that is willing to help ya out,been in a few I couldn't get the time of day...course they couldn't get my $$ either!
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    Nice piece. I have two 500's. I recommend the Magnum Buckshot at WalMart in 15 round packs. I think they are 15 or 16 pellet loads.

    Good Luck!
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    I would say just get a Hogue rear stock or maybe a Knoxx Compstock if you want the recoil absorption. I have the knoxx and it does what they say it does, but I'm thinking about switching to a short Hogue for the handiness. I also have a Mesa Tactical side saddle on my 870 and they are probably the best company I've seen as far as shottie accessories. Really top knotch quality and customer service.

    Other than that I would add a Surefire forearm and a sling. And Vang Comp makes a metal saftey for the Mossberg 500.
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