Where do I get one of these?

Where do I get one of these?

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Thread: Where do I get one of these?

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    Where do I get one of these?

    Gosh. How does Hollyweird think this stuff up?

    That is one heck of a choke.

    Or does one really exist?
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    I don't see how it would work.Talk about extra full.

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    I don't think I would shoot 9 shot, Buckshot or even a slug out/through something like that. Not me.
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    Looks like a Hollywierd silencer!
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    I was told yesterday by a class III fellow...that there does indeed exist a 12 gauge suppressor. He has his supplier looking into it. Until I see proof, I'm going to call BS on him...although he DID seem to know what he was talking about on other class III items, and we deal with the same fella to get our "fixes"
    Sounds like just the thing to go with my AOW
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    Your guy is correct, Dunn.

    Silencers for shotguns do exist and have been around for sometime now.
    I'd posted about this and specific example of as much here like a year ago IIRC.

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    Suppressed 12 guages were used in Veitnam by SpecWar groups. They were somewhat effective, but eventually that use declined as they were thought to be too cumbersome for jungle use.

    It take a round loaded the traditional way...using just wads. The plastic shot cups in use nowadays are a big no-no as they tend to get stuck in the baffels as they open up.

    There are still some out there.
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    What, one of these?

    Talk about the best of the best - a Tromix 8" Saiga (Yumm.....Saiga) and a suppressor.

    A review can be found at this link

    There hasn't been an update in the thread since 02AUG, but if you called up Tony and threw a bunch of money at him, you could probably get something in the next 6-8 months.
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