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Ever bring a defensive rifle when traveling ?

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Thread: Ever bring a defensive rifle when traveling ?

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    Occassionally I have my Benelli M3 Super 90 12ga with me on long trips...with 00 buck and 1 oz slug
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    pass side floorboard...front seat
    They didn't say if he was pinned in the drivers seat or not...I'm guessing he was

    I'm alone a majority of the time, so mine rides in the pass floorboard. I figure if the truck flips, it'll be on the roof with me
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    I'm alone a majority of the time, so mine rides in the pass floorboard. I figure if the truck flips, it'll be on the roof with me

    If it doesnt get ejected in the roll. You just might want to strap it in....either the seatbelt or a strap to the underside of the seat.

    Ride hard and Shoot safe

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    Yep. I keep a short Ruger .308 rifle in the truck. Like CCW9MM said, the Northwest is a big open place.
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    Heck yes! Especially living along the border in Deep South Texas. Traveling through the South Texas Ranch Lands. Depending on the trip I'll pack a Tactical Shotgun in a double rifle case along with either a Winchester 94 (.30-30 Win.) or a Bushmaster AR-15 (.223 Rem.)
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    Around home not so much, pretty urban.
    However longer than that and yes, either my little savage 22 and a brick of ammo or possibly an M1 carbine. space permitting.
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    I just started carrying the AR in the trunk when I go out of town.
    Timmy Jimmy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skygod View Post
    Yes !

    I keep a 10.5" barreled AR15 in the trunk of my automobile. It's and LMT lower with the LMT "MK18 CQBR" upper. Rails are the DD "Omega" with Surefire M910A foregrip light and SOPMOD stock also sporting an Aimpoint CompM3 on a LaRue "C" mount. There is a Hawkpake rifle bug out bag with several mags and filled with an H&K USPf .40 Smith and mags for that also. Inside the bag is two meals (MRE) along with water purification tablets, water bottle, rifle and pistol cleaning supplies, signale mirror, compass, leatherman tool and some more stuff that I can't think of right at the moment. Oh, yeah, and an Strider BD knife.

    Yes, I keep a rifle with me when traveling.
    You really should have included some photos of that setup.
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    On long trips I usually bring the 870 or my Ak.223 when traveling with the family.

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    Good question

    Around town never, but when traveling, I carry a scoped custom 243 unloaded in the motorhome under the bed with 50 rounds of ammo.

    The way I see it is I don’t need a rifle for defense, but if we’re far from home, and forced to “hunker down” for a while a rifle sure would make me feel better.

    I chose the 243 because it’s very accurate and capable of collecting small and larger game, should we have to stay put in a national forest.

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    I used to carry a Win 30-30 all the time, I have a post 64 beater that was to be my car rifle. I have since boiught a model 1894 Marlin carbin in .44 Mag. Now that I have somd 154 grain ammo for my MAK 91 I may start using that for my car gun because it is easier to load. It is illegal to carry a long gun loaded in Washington, but it is ok to have a removable magazine loaded seperated from rifle.

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    I have a stainless Mini 30 with a high mount scope (so I can use iron sights or scope, whichever is needed) in a hard case in the trunk of my car, just in case I decide to do a little cyote hunting or need it for "other" purposes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dagor2k View Post
    Personal Defense TV was discussing battle rifles as part of a home-defense arsenal. When traveling on the road however, I am wondering if you've ever considered bring a rifle in the trunk of your vehicle (in compliance with all local laws of course) for unforeseen situations.

    Guess I am thinking that if some big event like 9/11 or some natural disaster occurred - travel may be difficult and we might have to stay put for awhile at the hotel or at a relatives house or wherever we happen to be. Assuming the normal carry rig would be available as a matter of course, it still seems that a defensive rifle would be a useful option for keeping the premises secure. This is worst-case scenario thinking perhaps. but wondering if anyone else has considered this - or am I thinking about all this too hard ?
    I've got a a model 94 Trapper in 357 Magnum with a 16 barrel. I LOVE THAT THING. I can justify anything from deer to bear with it, and its a great tactical Rifle if need be. Put it this way my fiance is from NY
    Its not about guns...Its about Freedom!

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    Thank you all for these posts! I am not alone with the thought that its better on average to have some insurance. For the longer family trip this summer I was considering packing the Mossberg Cruiser pistol grip 12 gauge w 00 buck - else the Mini-14 stainless w folding stock. Skygod's AR15 sounds like the ticket :-) - love to see that too.

    G27, Beretta 8040, Ruger GP100

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    I know I'm in the minority here but I've never even thought of loading my Bushmaster in the trunk of my car when I drive close to the house or when I go on vacation. Can't think of a reason where I would need to get out and pull out a rifle. Now, I do understand carrying one for coyotes and groundhogs and things like that but not really for the BG. Just my thoughts on it. I do, of course, carry my G26 and Surefire Z2 wherever I go and on vacation I even take my G21 with the Streamlight M6 on it for the hotel room but not a shotgun or rifle.

    -"I may get killed with my own gun, but he's gonna have to beat me to death with it, 'cause it's going to be empty." -Clint Smith

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