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.223 BBL Bolt Action?

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Thread: .223 BBL Bolt Action?

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    Heard anything about the Tikka T3 Lite? I've found a few in .223 that are around $450 bucks compared to the msrp of around 500...

    Tikka's are made by Sako, which have been known to be pretty top knotch :P - So I was curious when I saw one in my price range..
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    Ooooh! Very, very nice. I can personally recommend the Steyr SBS, from CDNN, as well. (about $600, IIRC)

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    I did some checking last night and the price differential between .308, .270 and .223 is not that great (sporstmansguide.com). Inventory, however, will be your biggest challenge. The industry and consumers have unknowingly stumbled upon a self-fulfilling prophecy: high demand=high prices and real or perceived shortages.

    Bulk .308 is not that much more than bulk .223. If you want a tack driver, you will need to reload or pay premium prices - assuming your new rifle even likes factory stuff. My old Howa .30-06 hated any factory stuff (2" best group). Reloads, however, tied down to .25" 5-shot groups consistently in 165gr and 200 gr. bullets.

    Rob's point about the .308 is excellent! You will have far more options with a .308 than any .223 on the market (for thin and thick skinned game). Paper-punching exercises will still be affordable and reloading remains an option. The primary advantage to a .223 is you can physically carry more rounds in a SHTF/Bug-out scenario than you could with bigger calibers. It also tends to shoot flatter and faster (initially) than a .308. In reality, that would work better with a SA instead of a bolt action .223.

    I'd recommend expanding your search into the .308 arena. The Tikka is available in .308 caliber. It all comes down to what you are more comfortable with, given your goals and intended application.
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    16 to 18 inches from the factory is going to be really hard to find in that price range, if at all. Remington SPS VMT sells for $499.99 brand new at sportsmans Warehouse. Bull Barrel comes in 223, 22-250, .308 and .17 rem fireball. The thing is the barrels are 26". They are great shooters, the only issue we had with one is we had to shim the scope to get it sighted in properly. But before we shimmed it the gun was firing into the same whole from the bench at 100 yards with a 4 round group.
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    In line with what Hotguns suggested, this might fit your criteria, except it has a 20in barrel. Remington 700 SPS Tactical, comes in both .223 and .308.

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