Henry Arms Ar-7 ??

Henry Arms Ar-7 ??

This is a discussion on Henry Arms Ar-7 ?? within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I'm interested in buying one these rifles. It would serve as a backpacking/survival rifle as well as a plinker. My questions are: what kinda experiences ...

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Thread: Henry Arms Ar-7 ??

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    Henry Arms Ar-7 ??

    I'm interested in buying one these rifles. It would serve as a backpacking/survival rifle as well as a plinker. My questions are: what kinda experiences have you had with these rifles? How reliable are they? How long of lifespan should i expect? 5,000 rds? 10,000rds? 20,000 rds? (I heavily use all my .22's, it's just so darn cheap), and can they fire .22 shorts, if i manually operate the bolt?

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    I had one way, way back in the stone ages (mid-to-late 80s). It was a fun little rifle, pretty reliable, easy to tote around, fairly accurate, and generally good for its intended purpose. I used my 10/22 more, mostly because I had hi-cap mags and other "goodies" for the 10/22. I think it's about the perfect rifle to throw in a backpack with 200rds of CCI Mini-Mags for a "oops, I'm totally friggin' lost" rifle - unless you plan on being totally friggin' lost in bear country...

    As for service life, I couldn't tell you. Mine saw a few thousand rounds with minimal maintenance (and I mean minimal and I never noticed any decline in performance. I'm thinking of getting one when I go back to the States, if for nothing else than nostalgia purposes.
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    It floats! What else can I say? It'd be nice if you could put a 4x scope on it or at least a base and have a removable scope and still fit it in the stcok. Probably hoping for too much. Done a lot of reading on survival rifles and from what I've learned it's pretty reliable. I'm thinking of getting one to replace my springfield .410/.22 over and under that I really do like, but the ar7 type is lighter. (and semi-auto, rather than single shot)
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    I picked one up not too long ago. Great little rifle. I have one "bum" mag with it, but it shoots great with the other.

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    I've got one and I like it as a plinker. The parts disassemble and fit into the hollow, formed plastic stock with the buttcap used to hold the parts in. It is very light and advertises, like Cupcake says, that it floats, but I have never tested that part.

    When shooting, the stock feels a little bulky at first since the gun weighs next to nothing, but that feeling is quickly overcome. I wish it had some sort of internal hold for more ammo, but no other gun does, so that's OK, I guess.

    I would guess it will do .22 shorts. The bold handle is a small bar that slides in and out a ways on the bolt for storage. I would think your finger would get sore operating it too many times if you are planning on shooting a lot of .22 shorts.

    Overall it is a neat little gun, very reliable. I like mine.
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