My new MBR, DSA STG 58

My new MBR, DSA STG 58

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Thread: My new MBR, DSA STG 58

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    My new MBR, DSA STG 58

    I'm in love with this rifle, I love the fit and finish and it feels great, I have not even shot it yet, but I pretty sure I will love it just that much more, now it gets fun, I need to feed this beast, and thats a chore in itself , where to get good, affordable ammo to feed it and has anyone tried a eotech or any other optic on one of these? how did it work fr you(with extreme mount) and there is nothing I need to do to this beauty of a rifle in terms of mods other than what I suggested like optics. just tell me what you think?
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    Affordable ammo ??? LOL ! You're kidding, right ? Cheap .308 ??? All poking aside, that's a gorgeous rifle. I have one too and love it. Forget getting affordable ammo though. ;^)

    Eotech is a good system. Mine is on my Stag M4 build.

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    Very nice.

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    I am green with envy. I want a SRG58 carbine!!!!!!
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    Yea... none of its affordable... but...

    Try this guys site. He has put together a little calculator that shows the latest deals and prices and keeps up pretty good. I bought some South African battle packs using it to locate a decent enough price from this. I ended up going with Ammo 4 Guns/Collector at 46 cents a round and the service and shipping was good and prompt. I also paid extra per round for a battle pack of Winchester Mil Spec too. - Unbiased Gun Deals

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    If you're not afraid of steel cased, check this out...

    AIM Silver Bear .308 145grn FMJ Silver Bear .308 145grn FMJ

    $ .3125 a round before shipping. $ .2975 if you buy 400+ rounds.
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    Yikes I don't think cheap ammo is going to happen for anything but a .22LR in the near future. I would start reloading - quick! Go to a range and just start picking up brass - they cost a lot new, and last for 5+ loadings. I'd buy good quality ammo, and reload the brass. And buy some SHTF ammo and just don't touch it.
    For optics maybe something like a 1-5x or a 2-8x would be the ticket. JMO


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    Dang, that's one seriously utilitarian looking rifle - I love it. I also agree that a low magnification optic might work better than an EOTech (and I love the EOTech) on it, just for those days when you want to wring it out beyond 100m or so. Leupold VX-I 2-7x is a good quality scope that won't break the bank, but there are plenty of options out there.

    And give us a range report when you get a chance to blow a pay check, I mean, shoot the thing for half an hour!
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    I just sold my STG 58. It was a great gun, very accurate. The ammo was definetly not cheap, and I ended up selling it to a army armorer who gets all the free .308 he wants. I would also recommend staying away from steel case rounds as DSA specifically says not to shoot it in their guns. had some good deals on south african stuff and winchester battle packs.
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    Nice Rifle!! I gotta go clean the drool off of my keyboard now...
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