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Which AR-15 to buy?

This is a discussion on Which AR-15 to buy? within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I think that the B-masters are up over $1000 these days. Demand is driving the price on anything "tactical"....

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Thread: Which AR-15 to buy?

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    I think that the B-masters are up over $1000 these days. Demand is driving the price on anything "tactical".
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    Got my Bushmaster E2S Modular Carbine with Tele-Stock this past summer and love it. Paid around $1200 - $1300 for it. I've since added some toys to it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Knuckledrager View Post
    The front sight base does two things. First, it is the point at which the gas is bled from the barrel and into the gas tube. The front sight bas is aligned over these gas ports and is attached to the barrel with a taper pin. The gas tube is pinned into the bottom of the front sight base. This feeds the gas back to the bolt carrier group.

    Secondly, the front sight base holds the front sigh pin. The "F" has the pin mounted slightly higher in the base than the commercial models. Most rear sights are of a height that works best with the "F" front sight base.

    Some rifles use a lengthened rail system. Most of these will have a separate part to connect the gas tube and to hold the front sight. A "low profile gas block" can fit under the rail and does the gas tube connection job. Most of these guns have a front sight that is attached to the forward part of the rail system and "flips up" into place for use.

    There are other variants as well but the above is one of the more common. Noveske does have other assembled uppers that are not listed on the website. Give him a call and see what he has. Mine was not listed but was available for immediate shipment.
    I see, thanks for the info. The particular setup I've drawn up is a "Dissipator" style, only it would use a rifle-length gas system instead of the carbine length. A 16" barrel and rifle-length gas system would theoretically give me the higher reliability of the full-length gas system and the shorter 16" barrel and longer sight radius (more appropriate for the rifle's intended role as a home defense gun that will see more action through carbine courses than anything else). CMMG offers an upper with exactly this (look here, scrolling down to "CMMG 16” M10R Upper"). My only concern is that I'm not sure how reliably the full-length gas system will bleed off gas from the barrel to keep the rifle running since the muzzle of the rife looks like it's only an inch away from the gas port.

    Not knowing how this would work makes me wonder about the different options for FSBs, but now I'm wondering if this is a question best answered by CMMG themselves through a phone call.

    Good intel on Noveske. If I find everything kosher with my prospective setup, I'll give Noveske a shout and see if they offer that type of setup. I like CMMG, but I haven't fondled a rifle with a better fit and finish than a Noveske (yet), and like you I try also to be a "buy it once" person.


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    Nice break down of all the major parts.

    I just picked up a M&P 15A. The shop I have been dealing with for over a year, has some good guys behind the counter, with real world knowledge. They would have ordered any AR I wanted, but suggested the M&P. Better price than the Colts or alike, and will hold up well if the stuff hits the fan.

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    The guy who wrote this is taking a beating over at AR15.com...

    AR15.COM :: Forums :: Complete Guide to Buying an AR-15 Rifle
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    I read the entire AR15.com thread thus far 1-31-08 and it appears to me that the author is doing ok. (thus far, however at that site anything can happen)

    I was pretty impressed with what he had done, it obviously took a lot of work and I was also really surprised at the reception at AR15.com, if you’ve spent any time there you know the opinions run hot, heavy and not always nice. I knew when I read his article, he was going to get hammered on some points but he’s smart enough to take suggestions, check them out and then incorporate the good ones into his original article.

    Only drawback was reading the thing kicked my latent BRD back into gear and made me think about another upper.
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    Both of mine are 1 in 7 twist 5.56 chamber and they run great. A Colt and a Bushmaster.
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    Pretty decent write up, but I get the feeling this guy has a bit of an attitude and possibly little time spent on an actual two way range.

    Can't say I disagree with anything he wrote, but I don't think M4 feed ramps are all that important in the civi world of AR15 ownership. Most civi's I shoot with are shooting .223 Rem and very little Mil Spec Ammo. It's nice to have those ramps, but I've seen barrels run smoothly without them with Mil Spec ammo.

    He kinda lost me when he showed his attitude when discussing flash hiders and went on to say "if your spending 1K on a flash hider" I don't know of any flash hider that costs 1K, but of course he was referring to a sound and flash suppressor............................as if he's the only guy that owns one. (insert wanker emoticon)

    Over all it's sound advice, just a tad bit on the "I'm a better shooter than you" side.

    I'd be interested in his background, his military service, if any and if he's ever been deployed to a hot theater other than the rural urban cat fight.
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    I've got a nephew that is really into coyote hunting and had a $3000 Custom AR built. Had nothing but trouble with it. When I asked him what he would do if he had it to do all over again? He said that he would spend $1000 on a Bushmaster Varminter. I did about 3 or 4 years ago and never looked back. Sure it's not really a battle rifle as the barrel is pretty long but it's got a great trigger for a semi auto and it will shoot .285 of an inch groups. I've been very happy with mine.
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