Interesting Idea

Interesting Idea

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Thread: Interesting Idea

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    Interesting Idea

    I found this on an archived forum dated Wednesday, 01 SEP 1999. Those poster sounds as if he might claim to be a sniper. I don't know for sure and I really... honestly.. don't care. But he mentioned something which sounded interesting:

    I buy fibreglass stocks unfinished - no paint etc. I put a couple of small self-tapping screws in the pistol grip and mould a new shape with plumbers' epoxy (it works like play dough when you activate the two components). I then spray the stock with automotive stone-chip paint (usually black but you can be pretty creative) and two coats of matt clear laquer. I have done this with EVERY long-range rifle I own and it works. This finish is as hard as any manufacturers' - I defy anyone to break the epoxy grip. Try it with an old stock sometime, you will be converted.
    Has anyone here tried this? I'm curious as to how this might work-out.
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    Yep, the Epoxy putty is great stuff.

    MasterPlumber makes a good one.
    It comes in a plastic cylinder type tube.

    Try to find fresh stuff though because the outside of the roll tends to get hard if its been sitting on the hardware store shelf for a long time.
    So carefully trim that hard stuff off with a razor blade before you knead it.

    As soon as you're finished kneading it...wash your hands real quick because they will be sticky and it's much easier to start pressing it on and molding it with clean hands and fingers. Knead it really well and then get it well pressed on quickly.

    Have a little container ready with about a third dish soap and water and if you're quick you can save yourself a lot of sanding by wet molding it with your fingers dipped in the dish soap water. It wet molds to shape really well if you're quick.

    You can also easily carve it to shape right before it fully sets up.

    After it hardens then finish sand it to blend and feather it in.

    A long time ago we used fiberglass resin and glass flock to do the same thing on match target grips but, the Epoxy putty is much better and easier.
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    I've seen and heard of this before, but have never tried it myself.
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