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I finally plan to buy an AR15 soon

This is a discussion on I finally plan to buy an AR15 soon within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; hi. a newie here , i have a olympic arms m4 16 in bbl. it is a nice rifle a good shooter, and a very ...

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Thread: I finally plan to buy an AR15 soon

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    ar15 rifle

    hi. a newie here , i have a olympic arms m4 16 in bbl. it is a nice rifle
    a good shooter, and a very good price. a life time wnty.
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    Welcome newie! Glad you got a good shooter in your Oly carbine. Lifetime warranty is good, but don't forget the fine print. Had a fellow want to trade me his Oly AR-15 a while back for my Glock G30 straight across. After doing my research I knew I didn't really need another AR-15, but the suggestion did peak my interest. Nothing wrong with a 'good price' so long as it's reliable.

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    I don't really have a problem with Wolfe Ammo, it's the newer lots when bought in bulk. It's a laquer coating on the steel case that most shooters complain about. Your AR will handle steel cased ammo if you upgrade your extractor to the SOCOM extractor kit. I believe you can find them at Bravocompanyusa.com for about $29. takes all of two minutes to upgrade and you get a heavier O ring and gas rings with the kit.

    Since I'm one of many on the back log for Black Hills Mk262 77 grain I've been shooting Remingtom Premier Match 77 grain. Great bullet, Matchking BTHP with great primer and flash suppressants as filler. Little to no real noticable flash and accurate as the Black Hills Mk262. In fact, their basically the same cartridge.
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    Why wait? As Mr. D mentioned earlier, check out the bargain bin buys from CMMG. I picked up an M4 complete for the grand total of $600 including shipping and a magazine! I bought the complete M4 for the price of most company's uppers alone! Is it the end-all-be-all Ninja Carbine? Nope. But is it a great value for every single penny I spent on it? ABSOLUTELY!

    Bargain Bin - CMMG, Inc
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    Wow, thanks for showing me that site. I'll get to pick up an AR alot sooner!
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