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Its got a set of cheap sites from wal-mart on it atm, Shot this bad boy yesterday. I picked up a card board cut out of Tom Brady, said cut out is no more.
I was about to congradulate you on your target choice, until I read that you just bought it ...just because. Go Dolphins!

Just because they're cheap doesn't mean they don't work. Though, you have to make sure that they won't fall off mid-shooting

LMarshall, again I'll give you the AK reliability factor (I don't really like AR's either)..but there are a million other 9's, 45's etc in the same price range - just widely available and reliable. For instance, a good 60-70% of people at the range don't even know that my gun exists, when I mention Desert Eagle 9mm, there faces are priceless. It all comes down to preference, and mines the tangfolio design hands down. But I'll never agree to the magazines, and shooter reports claiming the Glock to be the best and most reliable 9mm on the market. I'd put it in the top 5, probably at #5.