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Thread: Handy Dandy Shot Sizes

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    Post Handy Dandy Shot Sizes

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    I've always liked #1 buckshot. In a standard 2 3/4" 12 gauge you get 9 pellets of 00Buck which are .33 cal each. In the same load with #1 buckshot you get 16 pellets which are .30 cal each. Seems to me to be the better load for defensive purposes.
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    # 1 is good

    Folks living in apt. buldings might think seriously about #4

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    I too like #1 and thats whay is loaded in my shottie by the bed alongs witha couple slugs in there

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    I read some tactical defense article awhile back touting that 0 buck was more effective than 00. The premise was that you get more coverage on the target. However if I had to shoot through cover (drywall, car door, etc.) I'd rather have 00 or 000.

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    Good image QK - all I had before was just a mono version. It shows similar - I'll post it too in case folks might want to archive it along with yours.

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