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Thread: Purchasing new AR & Shotgun

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    What is the difference between the M4 barrel profile and H-BAR profile?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIGguy229 View Post
    What is the difference between the M4 barrel profile and H-BAR profile?
    The M4 profile is stepped for attachments and weight... HBAR means Heavy Barrel. Its a barrel more for accuracy rather than a battle rifle.
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    I have a DPMS that I really like. As far as the shotgun, if you want inexpensive and reliable mossbergs are awesome. I have a Maverick 88 that's made by by mossberg basically the same thing except it does not have the tang safety. My wally-word sells them for $165.
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    OK, I cant take it anymore... an 870 comes in a few different trims. The express (low end), wingmaster and "P" (higher end). Mossberg has three in the defense arena, the 88 and 500 (lowest end) and the 590. (mossbergs version of high end)

    The only two between the brands that are truly comparable are the 590 and express. Anyone who has had to fix one or the other knows who builds the better gun. Ask a Marine armorer.

    With all that, I'm not dogging Mossberg at all. They build a product that gets the job done for a cheap price. Both brands in any trim will serve the average Joe well.

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    Thanks for all the advice and replies... I'm off to do some web surfing and reading... decisions... decisions...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    ...Rant Off. Back to topic.
    I think we found someone who might like scatter-guns.


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    For the AR, I have a Stag. I think they are a great quality for the price (I would say along the lines of a RRA). The RRA are infinitely customizable, and good prices. The stag have a certain # of base models.

    I've been all over the map on a 2nd AR (you can't just have one. two is one, one is zero). Looking at Piston versus Direct Impingement, tier 1 (Colt, LMT) versus Tier 2 (Stag, RRA, etc. ..). Upper and lower separately v. a complete rifle. It is maddening. And wait until you decide on accessories. Yikes! Sling, light, optic, rails, etc. ....

    My plan is to purchase a LMT for my 2nd and upgrade my bolt carrier group on my Stag and be done with it. That is just me.

    As for reading:

    do a google search on "tm9-1005-319-10" which is the operators manual for the A2 and the carbine. Do not pay for it, find some place where you can download for free. Stag provides an outdated version of this manual; however, you want to get the newer version of the document. I do not know what the other vendors provide. But this manual is the base manual you should be reading (IMO, with the exception of the zeroing procedure).

    If you are using an A2 carry handle which can adjust for distance, you should take a look at the sighting technique, Improved Battlesight Zero

    If you have a flip up BUIS that does not adjust for distance, just sight in the battlesight zero @ 50 yards and read the IBZ link to understand why. Also consider if the 2 different rear sight apertures are at the same height (same plane).

    Comparison of major AR brands

    Oh no, I bought a BM/RRA/Stag before I knew better.

    Don't go too crazy with your choices. Be content at getting a RRA or a Stag (and updating the bolt / bolt carrier group) and adding on later.

    If you are concerned about the political ramifications, I would recommend buying a good staple of 30 and 20 round mags. CProducts stainless steel mags are good, I have heard good things about the magpul pmags. Whatever you do, consider mag purchases along with the AR purchase. It would stink to have a smoking AR and not be able to buy the mags because they are now banned (but prior purchased mags are A OK!).

    With all that said, I think the perfect trunk gun would be a side folder or underfolder AK. Waaay cheaper than the AR, easier to maintain. Better performance at distance than a shottie. More capacity than a shottie.

    Good luck in your purchase decisions.

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