What do you guys think of...

What do you guys think of...

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Thread: What do you guys think of...

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    What do you guys think of...

    SKS or Saiga's? I am interested in a AK47 but maybe I can just get one of these? On classicarms.us website the Saiga is going for $250. The Yugo SKS goes for $200. Does anyone own any of these or have experience with any of these rifles? If so can you let me know if it's worth the money.

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    An SKS is a rugged, reliable gun. Well worth the money IMO.

    If you do a search, there are a couple of past threads with a lot of info in them on the SKS.

    The Saigas are also OK. I have run across many standard AK parts that aren't interchangable with them, though. Mine AK is fine, but you have to do a lot more work to upgrade or change them around.
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    The Saiga AKs are supposed to be pretty nice...They are made off of the same machinery a lot of the Russian Military AKs were.

    There are instructions to convert them back to what would be called standard configuration. As in the factory state they can only accept Saiga magazines and cannot be fitted with a pistol grip. If you go that route though make sure to have 5 us made parts on it to avoid possible troubles.

    Also if you go Saiga the magazine conversion is almost a priority as the factory ones are very expensive, very hard to find and limited to smaller round counts. (I believe average price is $40 per magazine)
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    Was in the SAME position 2 months ago.

    Every gunsmith I could find said that the Saiga is the way to go, for these reasons: Built better, better materials, more reliable (as far as jamming), and MAGAZINES!!

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