PTR-91 info

PTR-91 info

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Thread: PTR-91 info

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    PTR-91 info

    I'm itching for something other than ARs for my next long gun. My favorite shop has pretty much anything I could want:
    One of the new Sig 556s with the magpul stock and upper rail
    PTR-91s (one with the collapsible stock, one with a better rail system)
    Microtech STG-556
    The list goes on. Mostly ARs or AR style ... hence my quandry

    I like the PTR-91. It's .308...feels good on the shoulder, etc. I know NOTHING about them, and I don't want buyers remorse by buying junk
    Anyone have one? How do you like it?
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    My PTR-91F is a great gun. It's well-made, accurate, and eats just about anything I've tried to feed it.

    Like any G3 action, it's really hard on brass, and the charging handle is kinda awkward (at least for me). The trigger pull is also pretty long compared to an AR.

    I am very pleased with mine, and if you're ok with not being able to reload your brass (or if you can build an ejection port buffer for it), I don't think you need to worry about buyer's remorse.
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