Is this a good choice?

Is this a good choice?

This is a discussion on Is this a good choice? within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I have been looking for a rifle that would be able to utilize 7.62x39 ammunition. Not sure about AK-47 rifles, because of the posssiblity of ...

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Thread: Is this a good choice?

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    Is this a good choice?

    I have been looking for a rifle that would be able to utilize 7.62x39 ammunition. Not sure about AK-47 rifles, because of the posssiblity of getting something that was haphazzardly put together when reconstructed in the states. Has anyone had expereience with the CZ VZ-58? If so what are your thoughts on it's reliability, accuracy, ability to find parts and magazines? I would be keeping it on hand for one of my preparedness rifles. The other would be an AR-15 of some sort. What should I expect to pay? Your help is greatly appreciated and thank you.

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    Look at Saiga Rifles

    Or the Ruger Mini 30

    You can get a Saiga that takes AK mags, Ruger mags are hard to come by and expensive. Both have lots of aftermarkets extras
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    The VZ is supposed to be a better rifle- I would believe it. Frankly, for the money, I would go ahead and get 2 parts kits and 2 mag/accessory sets (about $400 total) and ORFs receiver-
    Product Listing -

    Obviously, you pay 3 times as much as an AK receiver, but it is milled, and the overall fit and finish will be much more solid.

    If you went bare-bones, a kit on GB is $100, the receiver is $329, and mags in the $20/ea range. The kits are cheaper than the AKs at this point, mags are less plentiful, so the costs more or less even out.

    Edit to add: GB has the spares you would most likely need right now. If you want a well-built AK, Rifle Dynamics (Jim Fuller)makes premium rifles for reasonable cost by all accounts.

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    I dont know anything about this particular rifle, but I do know that CZ builds excellent rifles in general. I would think that mags and parts might be tougher than the normal AK/AR stuff, but I've never really looked for them.
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    I have had several of the ak's and have found them to be nothing but a pleasure to shoot, the only thing is that the ammo disappears faster than I can reload the mags. If you want to go to a little larger rifle, the Century arms CETME's are a pretty good buy. About $450.00 for the rifle and mags can still be had for about 4 bucks. John

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