Opinions of the SU-16???......

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Thread: Opinions of the SU-16???......

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    Opinions of the SU-16???......

    Anyone have any opinions of the Kel-Tec SU-16 as a bug out/shtf/trunk gun? Anyone have pictures? Just curious.

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    For a bad day gun, the stock isn't sold enough for me to recommend it. I'm sure it's durable in many respects, but it's a little too flimsy to recommend as anything other than a range toy or backpack gun.

    If you're in a state that doesn't allow the AR-15, it's a viable choice, but otherwise, I'd save up a couple hundred more and go the AR route.
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    I was thinking I could use it as a back pack gun. I am going to be in the process of building an AR shortly.


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    I got to shoot one, and I really liked it. If KT could get the price somewhere south of $500, it'd be jumping off the shelves. Problem is, it's _just_ close enough to AR pricing to make you wait a while and buy a 'real' AR.
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    The whole SU-16 family:

    I had an SU-16A. While it's a decent gun, I got rid of it. Mine was particularly picky about AR magazines, specifically the 30 rounders, and I used Bushmaster, Colt, and various other brand mags. I sent it back to Kel-Tec to repair a broken firing pin (I had the old-style one that was apparently prone to breakage) and to do any adjustments to accept mags better. It was still picky after that and I would have to hold the bottom of the mag for feed reliability. It also had no sling attachments - I think newer ones have that option?

    It's a no-frills, relatively inexpensive plasti-gun. It's great for a low-weight carbine that you can fold in half for compact transport. The SU-16C and D can be fired with the stock closed! The double mag slots in the stock are handy, but that option is available in the original A, B and CA models. Considering that in TN I cannot have loaded mags with rifles but in separate containers, the handy system couldn't be used. I believe you can have one mag in the stock on the C and D models when it's closed.

    There's nothing really wrong with the SU-16, but I just couldn't get attached to it. I bought a Bushy later on and the SU-16 collected dust.
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    Havent had my SU-16 for awhile, but with the 9-10 different mags it's "met". Its a plenty sturdy rifle, but no battle rifle. Its very light, very pointable and sofar for me very reliable. Holds about 2-3moa on surplus stuff, very pointable. Mine went for 390 at St.Louis arms, and Its an amazing deal. Its easy to clean, requires no tools to take completely down. To break it into its component parts all you need is 1 screwdriver, pretty impressive in my eyes.

    I like ARs, great rifles but if I've got to carry a poodle shooter make mine an SU. Would love to put a proper low light optic on mine, and see what it'd really do. Bought mine to live in the truck and drop coyotes when the need suits me, but man the more I play with it the more I like it. Reminds me of a P99 actually.

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    Been thinking off and on about getting a SUB-2000. Problem is I want to consolidate ammunition. If I could match it up with a pistol I own or wanted to own for ammo/ magazine compatability that would be great.

    Since I prefer .357 revolvers for my private firearms I've just decided to go with a .357 lever action instead. That gives me 3 ammo types to worry about... 158gr .357, 12g buckshot and slugs, and .22lr for the 10/22. Those should cover every self-defense and bugout scenario.

    If the wife follows thru on buying her PT111 I may have to reevaluate.
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