Got "stimulated" today!! AR-15 nearly finished

Got "stimulated" today!! AR-15 nearly finished

This is a discussion on Got "stimulated" today!! AR-15 nearly finished within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Well, it does feel good to be stimulated! Guv'ment money was in my account this morning. Immediately I called up AD-Tek in Tallahassee (where I ...

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Thread: Got "stimulated" today!! AR-15 nearly finished

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    Got "stimulated" today!! AR-15 nearly finished

    Well, it does feel good to be stimulated! Guv'ment money was in my account this morning. Immediately I called up AD-Tek in Tallahassee (where I have purchased all of my AR-15 stuff) and I paid for my CMMG barrel, BCM bolt group assembly, Yankee Hill flip front sight/gas block assembly, gas tube and flash hider.

    Went at lunch and picked it all up and felt verrrry stimulated!

    All thats keeping me from finishing is my free float tube which should be in stock later this week.
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    Awsome! I'm still impatiently waiting for my check. I'm going to pick up and AK with mine! :-D

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    thats great.
    still waiting for my check too.
    gonna stock up on 7.62, get a snub .357, and fill the 2 slots left on the back of my ccw.
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    Good job, good way to stimulate is by buying gun stuff!!.
    I got mine in today and just ordered a threaded barrel upper for my Ruger 22/45 mk3 pistol and will be starting the paper work for a suppressor from Advanced Armament Friday, should take about six weeks, can't wait.
    Keep on stimulating.
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