Does a pistol caliber carbine have any useful defensive purpose?

Does a pistol caliber carbine have any useful defensive purpose?

This is a discussion on Does a pistol caliber carbine have any useful defensive purpose? within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I just attended my first tactical shoot match. It was a three gun shoot: pistol, shotgun and pistol caliber carbine. I do not own a ...

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    Does a pistol caliber carbine have any useful defensive purpose?

    I just attended my first tactical shoot match. It was a three gun shoot: pistol, shotgun and pistol caliber carbine. I do not own a carbine, but I met a friendly gentleman who let me shoot his M1. (I broke it, but that is another story.)

    I want to participate again in these matches and I probably should buy my own carbine, rather than break someone elses. One person had a Beretta Storm 9mm but by the time he finished adding everything he ended up spending close to $1000. An M1 I believe goes for close to $700. A Ruger PC9 can cost about $500, etc, etc, etc.

    Before I go and spend the big bucks, I would like to know if a pistol caliber carbine has any useful defensive purpose or am I just going to be using it for these matches.
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    I think a pistol caliber carbine has a lot of uses for self defense. If it's not a 1000+ match gun, they make a great trunk gun. For home defense, I prefer a shotgun, but for the zombie invasion, and for the sake of ammo matching, I would rather have the carbine.

    And you need to stop breaking other people's guns! I said in the other thread we would have to I'm just canceling all together.
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    Well, IMO, you might find it easier to shoot although ar-15 in .223 are pretty light recoilers. You would get higher velocities I believe because of the longer barrel as well. Maybe they are a little less loud than a .223? I'm not sure about that though. The only real advantage I might see in one is that you could use the same ammo in your carbine as your side arm. If you have a the berretta pistols, you can use the same mags as the storm too.
    I would probably opt for an ar-15 over a pistol calliber carbine unless you really want to shoot 9mm in it and save some money on ammo.
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    They sure do...IMO, they are just about perfect for a homeowner for defensive use. The PC9's can be tough to come by lately, I've been unofficially searching for one for a while now.
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    Get one, a pistol caliber carbine is a fantastic thing to have around. It stretches the accuracy of a pistol round waaay out with a longer sight radius and also gives greater velocity with the longer barrel in most cases.

    A 16" lever action in .357 (or my personal fav for that type gun, .45 Colt) is a VERY serious defensive tool not to be underrated. That might not be just what you're thinking for a match, but it's a dandy example.
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    If your choice is between a Rifle or Pistol-Cal Carbine, I'd much rather shoot a 9mm Beretta storm in my living room than an AR in .223, since you're not going to have ears in. I'm also not volunteering to be shot with a 9mm AR or something similar, it's plenty effective and you can put 3 in someone pretty quickly in carbine form - probably faster than you could with a handgun.

    I keep a 12 Ga for home defense, but I wouldn't feel undergunned with a Beretta Storm propped up against the nightstand instead.

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    I have a lever-action Model 92 in .44 Magnum (20-inch barrel). Most juries would look at it and see "deer gun." I see "undercover urban rifle." OMO, YMMV. Good luck with whatever you choose!

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    I think so. Ive been pondering a 9mm to go along with my stockpile. Hi cap mags and a skosh extra oomph and range: Why not?
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    I've been toying with the smaller-format rifles over the past 20mos or so, including several pistol-caliber variants:
    • Marlin 1894P .44mag lever-action -- 16" bbl, 7 shots, still not quite broken in, very accurate. For those who recommended a .44 lever-action back when, thanks much!
    • Marlin 1894CP .357mag lever-action -- 16" bbl, 8 shots, smooth as buttah, accurate.
    • Ruger PC9 9mm semi-auto -- 16" bbl, w/ Ruger 15rd factory mags, easy to shoot, little recoil, accurate. Unknown to gunsmiths, really, but that's its only downside.
    • Springfield Armory M1 Carbine (.30 carbine) -- 18" bbl, w/ peep sight and 15rd or 30rd mags, a bit larger kick, a better gun for a bit longer range (I think), and very accurate.

    Of all of these, I think the Marlin 1894CP is the handiest. Recoil is light, follow-up shots are pretty quick, it's accurate and very smooth. The PC9 is probably the fastest (for me) to empty the magazine, and its heft tames what little recoil the 9mm round has. Either of the lever-actions is, as suggested, more of an "under-cover urban defensive" rifle, rather than a "deer" rifle.

    For defensive purposes, I see the pistol-caliber carbine as a reasonable option for outdoor activities, such as camping or hiking, working a larger property or ranch. Having a carbine in which the calibration is the same as the sidearm is attractive, to me. In close-quarters around the property, I prefer a shotgun and pistol, rather than carbine and pistol. It all depends on how you're going to use them and where your proficiency lies.

    exactlymypoint: Next time you have one of them thar tactical competitions that uses a carbine, we'll head out to the range with the spread of pistol-caliber choices I have. You're welcome to root around through the lot to see what works. IMO, you'll love the .357 lever-action rifle. You've already used the PC9 and M1 Carbine. The .44 lever-action is not nearly as smooth (at least mine isn't) and kicks much harder, so it would be far less useful in a competition of this sort.

    Of course, you'll need to sit down with my insurance agent and purchase one of them fancy gun policies ... you know, the ones that guard against breakage, and all.
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    Why not find an old Marlin Camp Carbine in 9mm or 45? great little shooters, uses S&W 59/69 mags.
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    Does a pistol caliber carbine have any useful defensive purpose?
    I would say yes---simply because I'd really like to have a an AR-15 in 9mm! A long gun with short range ammo? Sure!

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    Why use a pistol caliber when you can use a rifle caliber, out of curiosity? If you just want a pistol-caliber carbine, by all means get one, but if you have the option between a pistol or rifle caliber carbine for self defense, why short-change yourself?


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    I got the CX4-Storm in .40cal, for legal reasons I had the barrel extended, I also felt the .40cal would get the most gain from the longer barrel. I find it a great soft shooting carbine with a reduced noise/flash, it's light and easy to use. I plan on training my wife on it as a HD gun when I am not home. It is stunningly accurate, fired 10 rds standing into a quarter size hole at around 15-20m on my first shoot with it. I put a holosight onto it and have a light and laser for it. Worth every dime

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    As indicated here, a pistol caliber carbine probably is not a best choice for self defense, but it is better in many cases than just a pistol. I certainly find it much easier to shoot my Beretta Storm 9mm CX4 distance than my pistols.
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