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Old School 45acp goodness.

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Thread: Old School 45acp goodness.

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    I am so jealous.......... enjoy
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    have you found a holster for it yet???
    very nice...enjoy it.

    --people ask why I carry, and I show them this picture. I think it says it all.--

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    great photos

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    Nice, any bad guy coming through the door and seeing the wrong of that will need a change of underwear.

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    Awsome! Where did you find such a beautiful gun?

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    Ok, so the story:

    One of the local gunstores closed down it's range due to safety concerns. I went there in the hopes of gaining a couple $20 single shot shotguns to gain more gunsmithing experiance. Alas, that mission was a failure.

    However, the Thompson did catch my eye and I gave it a quick fondle and look over. Left without getting it because of money issues. When I went home, my wife asked if I got anything. The answer was no, but I saw something great. After explaining what it was she rolled her eyes but said that if I thought it would be a good investment then it wouldn't be too bad.

    Went back after two days and picked it up with a free box of blazer ammo. My out the door cost being a hair over $600. With the problems being, a missing rear sight and some loose furniture. Also one of the springs wasn't where it should of been so the gun wasn't happy with functioning at all.

    It was very dirty inside, but clearly not used all that much as the finish on all the moving parts isn't a bit worn off yet. I know it wasn't there for long, because I didn't see it last month, and their rental/ammo prices were insane for their range.

    So now I get to work on a great weapon, shoot it, and tick off gun grabbers everywhere.

    Range report will be happening soon. Most likely after I get the rear sight.
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    $600? It's official. I HATE YOU!!! LOL
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    It's just so.... beautiful. Excuse me my allergies are actign up. *sniff
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