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AK-47 Ammo ?

This is a discussion on AK-47 Ammo ? within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; For serious social use, the recommended ammo is DPX. It is more accurate than standard and had excellent terminal effects. Use this ammo in your ...

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Thread: AK-47 Ammo ?

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    For serious social use, the recommended ammo is DPX. It is more accurate than standard and had excellent terminal effects. Use this ammo in your "go to" magazine for responding to a home invasion/TEOTWAWKI/North Hollywood situation.

    For everything else, anything that goes boom is good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bae View Post
    Wolf is fine for the AK. You can't go wrong with Wolf Military Classic.
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    I have an AK. I wouldn't really worry too much about quality ammo. They will generally digest anything you put in them. That is one of the reasons I like them better than and AR platform.

    Just make sure you clean it after you shoot it and it will be fine.

    Wolf ammo is dirty but it isn't bad stuff.
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    get silver bear ammo 7.62x39 its better than wolf and cheap at ammunition to go.com.
    what kind of ak are you going to get. most have chrome lined barrels,but mine a yugo underfolder does not.
    if you get one w/out a chrome lined barrel just clean it after every range session if you use dirty ammo and you will be fine.

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    My Romanian AK hasn't seen anything but Wolf and Golden Tiger. I've seen WWB 7.62x39 available, but it's 13 dollars for a box of 20 rounds. I may pick up a couple boxes of that to keep stashed away for serious emergencies.
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    does a chrome lined barrel mean corrosive ammo wont affect it?

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    It just means that the barrel won't corrode as quickly.
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    my brother and I have shot wolf: classic military, the old green laquered stuff, the polymer coated; Brown & Silver Bear, and its all been chewed up successfully
    we also give our AKs a nice bath and scrubbing of Hoppe's #9 and the bore and all still looks new
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    My AK will suck up any slop I throw out. Wolf is great for it.
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    Big Golden Tiger fan here.

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    Paul Gomez did some fairly extensive testing with various AK ammo- Wolff Military Classic was the most consistant.

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    Wolf is fine. Mine is like Rosie O'donnell with hollow points. I also run golden tiger through it w/ no problems.

    In my experience, wolf is dirty ammo, so even though most people say an AK can fire w/o never being clean - which is true, the insides get gunked up quick with wolf ammo and can cause feeding issues.
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    I've never used the Wolf brand ammo in the 7.62x39. I do use the Wolf match target for my 10/22 and silhouette. Heck....most 22lr ammo is dirty anyhow. I have so much Norinco ammo it's almost scary, and I probably won't see the need in buying any more 7.62 ammo in the future. I do however come across some interesting buys now and then and end up picking up one or two hundred rounds of specialty stuff like the 700yd tracers in the pics, the Silver Bear nickle plated case ammo, and the Russian hunting ammo hollow points. The American Eagle and the Winchester pictured ran me $7.50 a box back when..brass case and reloadable. I'm sure it's not worth that these days. The bubble packed, round nosed cartridges in the seventh pic are genuine Russian and they are steel core. The Silver Bear in the blue box has printed on it '20 hunting cartridges'.........can't use FMJ for hunting here or anywhere I know of in the USA. I'll seldom run more than 200 rounds through my AK in an outing, and that's not very often. I like it, and keep it in good shape. It will be ready when the four horses are unleashed and march upon the earth. It will likely be the last thing I hold. I renewed my deep affection for it again today. By the way, that's an AMD-65 "snake' muzzle break installed by Global Trades Corp in case you were wondering.

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