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Shot my new M44 = bruised shoulder.

This is a discussion on Shot my new M44 = bruised shoulder. within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; at 5'10" 170lbs, I am one of the skinny people to each his own......

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Thread: Shot my new M44 = bruised shoulder.

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    at 5'10" 170lbs, I am one of the skinny people

    to each his own...
    "Being a predator isn't always comfortable but the only other option is to be prey. That is not an acceptable option." ~Phil Messina

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    5' 4" and only 129lbs. I am also a Skinny person. LOL.

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    Could it be the shooting position? I know position counts with a M1. Standing with the rifle across my chest thumb along eye socket (military trained) the recoil is nothing like the pounding i get shooting off the bench with the rifle perpendicular to my shoulder.

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    They do have a nice kick but agree
    that its part of the experience

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    check out this web site MCCOYS SUPERIOR SHOOTING.COM they make a great recoil reduction device for about m$ 80.00 it will be easier on the shoulder with a heavy recoil etc.

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    Try some Czech-made hollow core training ammo (46-gr.) if you can find it.

    Great stuff. Easy on the shoulder. Loads of fun.

    I thought recoil pads were for wimps, too, until I had an MRI done of my shoulder.

    I'm a big fan of Simms LimbSavrs now.
    "...bad decisions that turn out well often make heroes."

    Gary D. Mitchell, A Sniper's Journey: The Truth About the Man and the Rifle, P. 103, NAL Caliber books, 2006, 1st Ed.

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    Be certain to correctly place the butt against the shoulder and insure that it is tight. You may already know this but just in case: be sure and place the butt into the pocket formed when the arm is raised in the shooting position. Keep the butt tightly there when firing the M44 and just "ride it out."

    So many place the butt against the ball of their shoulder or their upper arm or, horror of horrors, touching their collar bone. These, along with a loose and sloppy hold are guaranteed methods to gain one a stomping.

    My son has had a M44 for about 3 years now. He was complaining about it when he first got it and what a ferocious recoil it had. The little buggers shoot a powerful round and aren't that heavy. Went to the range with him on day and observed that, while he was placing the butt properly he was holding it loosely against his shoulder. As in almost seeing daylight, giving the gun a running start to thump him!

    Seems almost a shame to spend the money to modify something that offers so much shooting value for so little cost by modifying it.

    I find my son's M44 to be pleasant to shoot either off hand or from the bench rest and it gives pleasing 2 1/2-inch groups at 100 yards with most of the surplus ammo. I haven't let it "get away" from me though. The M44 requires a firm hand or it will "bite you.".

    Here's the old video of a bunch of fellows firing a real bruiser. I'm sure most have seen it by now but watch it and observe where most place the butt and how they hold it. It's no wonder they are punished and the rifle is uncontrollable.

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    The russian winters are really cold so the Peasants bundle up. No Recoil Pads needed. The M44 is a perfact gun for winter shooting. Besides, you can keep your hands warm and roast hot dogs with the flame.

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    Iv had my eye on a 91/30 at the local big 5 (the only place within 50 miles that sells weapons... ) but they want $230 for it. Way too much when theres people online talking about buying these things practically brand new hardly used for $80. ... 7.62x54 might be a bit too much for my first firearm anyways Ah well, one day. Enjoy your rifle... 'they' are saying you won't be able to find these classics for such cheap prices much longer.

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    I bought an M44 this weekend, I put 30 rounds through her on Sunday. Yeah it has some kick but not as bad as some I own, just keep it tight.There is a website that deals with the inhierent problems with this great little gun. Ill find it and post it for you guys.

    Here it is
    It describes how to adjust sights, take care of the sticky bolt syndrome, lighten the trigger,Etc,Etc
    Last edited by flagflyfish; September 16th, 2008 at 07:25 PM. Reason: Added website
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    Commrade,deal with the recoil.If it's too much for you I'll be glad to take it off your hands. This will go with my m38 which doesn't have the bayonet.

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    My M44 arrives in one day. I love my new C&R only cost $71...I use an Uncle Mikes recoil pad for my 91/30 and it works well.

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    Pff. My 11-year-old nephew shot my 91/30 20 times in an hour.
    The preceding post may contain sarcasm; it's just better that way. However, it is still intended with construction and with the Love of my L-rd Y'shua.

    NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, World Drifter

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