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Thread: Mossberg Maverick 88

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    They are great shotguns for the price
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    It has been range today.

    I did manage to get the stock replaced w/ a 3 point collapsible one & then stopped. My little girl woke up, so had to save all the tools and did some playing!

    I did manage to get a couple pics of it. I am not feeling too confident about the forend & the supposedly "Maverick 88" replacement part they sent with the tac-kit. I have not pulled it off yet to test, but not too familiar w/ disassembly on the front. Anyone have any links or info about popping the rails off the forend for removal?

    It fits my wife quite well now. She's pleased with the way it feels & is anxious to fire a box of shells through it.

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    Yeah buddy, I love my Mav 88.

    18" Mossberg barrel
    Hi-Viz front sight
    Surefire G2 LED in a custom mount
    TacStar sidesaddle
    Hogue shorty buttstock

    It'll take any Mossberg 500 accessory except the front handguard isn't a direct replacement. Mine's seen thousands of rounds, including 2 years of intense sporting clays league. It's also killed 2 turkeys. I love it. I've had it for over 10 years, my mum bought it for me at K-Mart when I was about 15.

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    I changed a foreend a few years back, but can't remember how it was done.

    I had a Maverick years ago, it was well used when I got it, I shot it quite a bit and sold it to a friend who has shot it a lot. It's the old type that only had the one slide bar on the pump action. Never had a problem with it, neither has my buddy.

    The one I had didn't have the new trigger group and safety like they have now. It had the same trigger group and safety as the Mossy as far as I know and they still made them out of metal back then. Regardless, you probably won't wear it out unless your shooting it a lot for years on end.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    They are not bad for the price and I haven't heard anything bad about them IIRC they take 870 aftermarket parts,...
    Either I missed something, or this is a typo. Mav 88 will take most M500 parts, not 870.
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