Confused, help out on mounting optics to my AR-15

Confused, help out on mounting optics to my AR-15

This is a discussion on Confused, help out on mounting optics to my AR-15 within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I got a DPMS AR-15 with a detachable carry handle a few months ago. I want to mount a red dot scope on the flattop. ...

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Thread: Confused, help out on mounting optics to my AR-15

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    Confused, help out on mounting optics to my AR-15

    I got a DPMS AR-15 with a detachable carry handle a few months ago. I want to mount a red dot scope on the flattop. I guess what I am confused about is this. How does one see over the front sight through the scope? Do I need, or is there some type of mount that I will need to gain a little elevation? I would like to add a flip up rear sight as well.

    Sorry these are dumb questions but I am new to the AR-15 customization thing.
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    Depending on the optic , you may well need a riser (typically 1/2" ) to co witness the iron sights and dot. If you decide what red dot you will use we can give more specific advice as to what is needed.
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    With a Trijicon ACOG you pretty much just don't see the front site through the scope unless you look at it through weird angles trying to. Not an issue. Depending on your sight it might be the same, or you could add a riser.
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    my eotech doesn't need a riser and the red dot pretty much sits on the front sight post,when it comes to mounting rifle scopes the front sight disappears in the scope since it's so close to the optics
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    Add a flip front sight and you can flip it down when not using the irons.
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    If you are trying to achieve a "co wittness" you may or may not need a riser. Co witness is where the red dot sits directly on the tip of the front site, this way using a Flip up rear site allows you to look right through your red dot. Which red dot are you using?
    I have the DPMS Sweet 16 and I used the Bushnell copy of the ACOG, for $150 I have been very happy. It is a awesome optic and dead on at 100 yards. I highly suggest you check them out. If it wasn't for that I was going to save up for the Eotech, as a grand for the real ACOG is out of my allowance range. JFWIW cheap optice usually don't last long on the AR's and should be kept on rim fires.

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    My Eotech sits on a flat top. The red dot is very close to the post. When focusing on my target I hardly notice my front sight. One poster already mentioned the flip up/down front sight. I have a flip up rear sight. I leave it down for the Eotech and flip it up to shoot iron sights which I do "thru" the eotech when it's off.

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    Pictured is a TriPower in a Larue cantilever mount on my LE6920:

    This setup works the same for an Aimpoint. It provides for a lower 1/3rd co-witness. You will see the FSB in the lower 3rd of the scope, but you'll focus on the reticle and pretty much ignore it.

    This picture is the TriPower chevron at 220 meters and the FSB is visible.

    Larue makes some awesome QD mounts that do return to zero.

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