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Home Defense + Long Range?

This is a discussion on Home Defense + Long Range? within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by AMH IF you don’t have any long guns and have a $600 budget then consider this: Buy a Mossberg Maverick and an ...

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Thread: Home Defense + Long Range?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AMH View Post
    IF you don’t have any long guns and have a $600 budget then consider this:

    Buy a Mossberg Maverick and an SKS. You will have a few bucks left over for ammo.
    +1 for what he said.
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    shotgun first then if you want a cheaper reliable Assault Rifle AK

    IF you do some shopping you can probably get both for under 6.
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    I considered the options, myself, being a couple of shotguns capable of holding at least seven rounds with the shortest legal barrels, blowback-operated carbines in 9mm such as the Bushmaster Carbon 15 and the Beretta CX4 Storm. At the same time, I wanted something I could use at the farm in case I needed to dispatch a black bear or coyote. I ended up with a wholly different option.

    First, as to shotguns: it's a mistake to think you don't have to aim, especially at indoor distances; the noise of the pump action operating may not cause an intruder to run away, it may cause him to drop and start shooting in the direction the noise came from; and the recoil is more than most folks figure on. They're expensive and have parts that you won't be able to replace when the Day of Trouble arrives.

    The carbines were an attractive alternative, particularly the Bushmaster; it's got a sixteen or so inch long barrel and is something you could use indoors without necessarily bashing into the refrigerator or doorsill; it's got a thirty round magazine; it's easy to clean; it's light weight and fairly simple mechanically. It's also about twelve hundred bucks. And with nine millimeter Luger bullets, you're going to need all thirty if you've got more than two bad guys or a black bear to deal with. And you might just make the bear mad.

    None of those options are particularly effective for use at more than about thirty or forty yards.

    So I got me a .44 magnum Marlin lever action model 1894 rifle. It's not too short a barrel, but at twenty inches, it's ok, and about the same overall length as the shotgun option. It's incredibly simple, mechanically, durable, reliable, and easy to operate and easy to clean. That's essentially the same gun you see in all the old cowboy movies. At close range, it can be shot pretty effectively from the hip. I got the stainless steel model for about six hundred bucks. Without taking particularly careful aim, I put eight out of ten rounds through a target about one hundred and twenty yards away with the stock factory iron sights. And at about thirty yards, I killed an old refrigerator dead. Half-inch or so holes going in one side, six inch holes out the other, using 240 gr. American Eagle jacketed hollow points. It uses revolver ammo, and I've also got a revolver in .44, so I don't have to stock up on new and different ammunition. I'd recommend the .357 magnum model to most folks, though, who don't need to worry about bears, cougars, and wolves. Ten rounds in the magazine plus one in the chamber of anything like that ought to do what you need both indoors and out.
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    Henry Repeating Arms make some great lever action long guns. I was very impressed with the one my in-laws just got. Incredibly smooth action, and a beautiful gun.

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    Hmmm...best of both worlds; 12ga (I like my Mossberg 500--usually about $200-250), and a Stevens 200 in .308 ($275 around here, normally). Should be able to buy both of 'em new for under $600 total. Shop around, find 'em used, and you can afford some halfway decent optics for the Stevens (remember, put a lousy scope on a great rifle, and you now have a lousy rifle); a Leupold VX-1 runs about $200, last time I checked. Nikons usually go for slightly less, buyt are stll a quality scope.

    Stevens are basically a Savage rifle with a cheaper finish/furniture; and, in my experience, and out-of-the box Savage will shoot as well, if not better, than a Rem 700.
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    I sort of doubt it would list for $600 or less, but you can always check.

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    I'm a believer in the Mossy 500, love that platform, but I've never heard of the Maverick......? The website says it's parts are compatible with 500's.

    Who here has any experience with these? That Maverick sounds like the perfect compromise between afforability and 12 gage security. It's MSRP is over $120 less than the 'base, no-frils' model 500. A Great recommendation.

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    Mossberg 500(or Maverick) + SKS + M44.

    Now your covered for less than a AR by itself.

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    Once you've gotten yourself a shot gun save your money for a decent long range battle rifle. I enjoy shooting longer range and .308 has always been a favorite of mine. A month ago I won the bid on an AR-10T with Springfield 4X14X56 3rd generation scope and bipod from gunbroker.com. After I got it I purchased a Magpul PRS adjustable rear stock on a group buy from the Snipers Hide forums. Yesterday I just received and put an Accu-Shot rear monopod BT-13 W/quick adjustable attachment on the rear of the Magpul PRS stock. This fits the rail instead of the standard version that fits sling studs. It also folds up when not in use. It only took 3 days from order to receiving it. I'm tickled pink with it and no more folding up a sandbag to make it fit. Since my bipod is the 9 to 13 inch version I got the higher version of rear monopod. If you want a good longer range rifle this is a nice way to go. There are others that can be cheaper but I feel this rifle was well worth the money. The new Savage with the accutrigger is a good alturnative. Check out Accu-Shot Monopod Precision Shooting rifle rest Magpul PRS Rail

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    I carry a Colt Delta Elite 10mm in Milt Sparks VM2 with 2 extra magazines on my belt. This is normally worn on a belt under my bib overalls and works great for me. My wife carries a Walther PPS .40 w/Crossbreed holster.

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