Question about Brenneke Slugs

Question about Brenneke Slugs

This is a discussion on Question about Brenneke Slugs within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; In my smooth bore 12 ga HD shotgun I am loading slugs for the first two rounds as I have historically had black bear problems ...

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Thread: Question about Brenneke Slugs

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    Question about Brenneke Slugs

    In my smooth bore 12 ga HD shotgun I am loading slugs for the first two rounds as I have historically had black bear problems in spring through fall. The following rounds are 3-inch 00-buck. I wanted a hard-cast slug and currently have the Brenneke Rottweil slugs loaded. I noticed that Brenneke also makes a KO slug. I looked on the Brenneke web site and can't find descriptions of the difference. I was wondering if anyone on this forum knows the difference and knows which would be best for black bears that could be up to 350-400 pounds? Thanks.

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    I don't know the difference but I have brenneke KO slugs as backup in my HD shotgun and they are suppose to be some of the best,I think either one would put a major whoopum on a bear
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    Black Bears arent that hard to kill.
    I would think that any slug from a shotgun would blow right through it.

    I only know of two bears that were killed by a slug. One was by a guy that was squirrel hunting, and it was bear season. He had shot several squirrles and a bear walked up on him. He had time to load up a couple of slugs and he shot the bear facing him. The bear turned and ran about 80 yards before it collapsed. The slug had hit him in the chest,and went longways through the bear where it exited out the back of his butt. I helped him dress it,that slug did some horrific damage, apparently tumbling with an exit hole the size of a silver dollar.

    The other guy was deer hunting and it was also bear season. He was on a stand in a thicket and hunting with buck shot as the furthest shot he had was about 20 yards on a deer trail. A bear came walking up and he jacked a slug in it and the bear walked right underneath his stand. We he shot it was at pretty high angle, and the slug went though the bears back and into the ground. That one ran about 50 yards and gave it up.

    As far as the brand of slug or the style, I dont think it matters, they will all work.

    If it were me hunting specifically for bears though, I wouldnt use a shotgun.
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    Brenneke slugs being harder penetrate better and talking to a lot of bear hunters, it the penetration that counts. My friend has seen a Federal slug pancake on the ribcage of a grizzly. I don’t know of anyone who deals with bears recommending OO buck anymore, they all use slugs and most hunters use Sabots slugs for good hitting at longer ranges.

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    Here is a link to a site that will have what you need for pesky bears and such.

    They have a buckshot load that has 3 x .60 (20ga) hardened balls. Also 600 gr hardened sluggs at 1500fps. These rounds are designed for dangerous game at close quarters.

    Should fix you up.

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    I read in a hunting magazine that a rifled slug 12 ga or larger is the best for defense against bears. The only thing it mentioned was that the sabot slugs are only good for smaller bears and to avoid buckshot because you need to be close

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