LMT Range Report

LMT Range Report

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Thread: LMT Range Report

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    LMT Range Report

    Man I enjoyed putting rounds downrange with my new LMT. For me it was a lot more enjoyable to handle than my HBAR 16” A1 gun. Its solid, no wiggle from top to bottom. The SOPMOD stock is also solid. No wiggle and will actually take time to break in because its tight and hold 2 spare surefire batteries as well as 2 spare Aimpoint CompM3 batteries. I need to get a sling for it but I have something that will hold me over till I get what I want.

    I didn’t realise that I need to be shooting low at 25 yards so I Will have to revisit the range and re zero my gun. I am familiar now with 2 ½” low at point blank, 1 ½” low at 25 yards = zero at 50 yards. Holdover is a comon practice that I now understand.

    When I started off the gun was shooting about 7” low and 4” left. I need to rezero my shots for 1 ½” low at 25 yards but here is what I could do with the gun.

    Basically, at about 20 yards the red dot from the 2moa aimpoint covered the 1 1/8” target dot so I just covered the dot and fired semi rapid / controlled follow shots. Roughtly the 8 shots on 2 dots took me about 10 to 12 seconds I guess. Holding the gun against a tree and just rotating slightly to get onto target. As you can see the right dot fell off after my last shot.

    Swiping my hand to knock the dust from the plywood so my next stickers will stay caused me to get a sweet little cut from the jacket of a round that you can see about the right group.

    Any advise in what I can do better would be great. I know trigger controle will come with practice, wearing my glasses next tile is going to help and possibly better ammo. This ammo was 55 grained “Canned Heat” from Georgia Arms.

    Rifle had Zero malfunctions of any kind and wasn’t really what I’d call dirty after about 200 rounds. I just need to get my groups lower so I can be ready for the ZOMBIES!!! Also, My LaRue BUIS was mounted backwards so it has been corrected since these pictures.

    I grew up in these woods and this is a gentle slope down, with a creek and an emmediate rise in elevation for about 200 yards afterwards. No houses or people live near by.

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    nice gun! Im lookin into building one just like it.

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    Nice. I'm trying to sell some guns myself to pick up an LMT rifle.

    G19, G23, P2000 (9mm), LMT Defender 2000 (SOPMOD), Colt LE6920, Ruger 10/22

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    I'll check in with advice once I finally get my upper and can get in practice myself.

    Great rifle and choice of optics, though. My setup will look just like it, matter of fact.


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    great looking rifle there, and another +1 on the aimpoint/buis setup...my favorite look on the ar-15 platform

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