ISO: S X S - Does (Has) Anyone Made One?

ISO: S X S - Does (Has) Anyone Made One?

This is a discussion on ISO: S X S - Does (Has) Anyone Made One? within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I love double-barreled shotguns. From time to time, I have owned as many as four at once. Most of them don't cut the mustard for ...

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Thread: ISO: S X S - Does (Has) Anyone Made One?

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    ISO: S X S - Does (Has) Anyone Made One?

    I love double-barreled shotguns. From time to time, I have owned as many as four at once.

    Most of them don't cut the mustard for long, though, for one reason or another.

    My Stoegers fall apart or break (I am pretty hard on equipment), but I had one Stoeger a few years ago that I absolutely could not harm. I should not have sold it.

    Others don't point like the should, or whatnot. Usually, the barrels are waaay too long for my purposes.

    Anyway, here's my list of what I want in a double, in no particular order.

    1) Ejectors, not extractors. I want those hulls to go flying behind me, leaving a sweet-smelling trail of smoke. This might be hard to find in any gun but a single-shot or an over-and-under. I don't much care for over- and-unders, and I want two shots, not one. Given the current popularity of Cowby Action Shooting and the SASS rules, it might be "doubly" hard to find (poor pun intended).

    2) No hammers - - at least not hammers that MUST be cocked for the barrels to fire. I cannot get the left hammer back in time for a quick second shot on account of my girly-man-sized hands. And it may constitute something of a safety hazard for me to go around with one or both hammers cocked all the time. Hammers that are decorative only or optional are just peachy-keano fine. Wouldn't mind'em a bit.

    3) Two triggers. I want the ability to select which barrel (read: load) I am going to shoot. When hunting (even BG's), I like to have one stoked with something for short range and one for less-short range.

    4) A short barrel. By that, I mean nothing, absolutely nothing, longer than 26" - and then only if it is a gun that points and exceptionally well. Smaller is better for my purposes- I'd prefer 18, 20 or 22 inches. I would take 24-inches, maybe. And, like I say, just might consider an exeptional (to me) 26-er. What's with all the telephone pole doubles out there? It's either a coach gun or it's a telephone pole in the world of doubles, it seems to me. No likey.

    5) No smaller than a 12 gauge. Nothing against a 20, but shells are a whole lot cheaper and easier to come by in a 12. The variety available (at least to the non-reloader) to a 12 just blow away the available selection for the 20. I'd consider a 10, too, but I doubt there are going to be very many of them around.

    Does anyone know if Huglu makes such a gun, or something close? How about the Remington Spartan line? I've heard good things (toughness, reliability) about them. How about Cimmarron FA co? I think they make a variety of coach guns. Guns from the past? Did Stevens make such a puppy? Anyone know of where one can be found?

    Talk to me, friends, neighbors, and double afficianados!
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    That's a tall order. You can always have one custom built. Perhaps a model 21 Winchester or Fox from Connecticut Shotgun, but they are mighty pricey.

    Offhand, I would think that it will be difficult to find one with ejectors and double triggers in an off the shelf model. Usually, you either get double triggers w/extractors, or single select triggers w/ejectors.

    Stevens Fox made one that fits the description otherwise. The B model, BSE I believe has Single trigger and Ejector. Hence Model B S E. The B had double triggers and extractors. The BST had a single trigger and extractors, which is a bit unusual but not what your after.

    Merkel of Germany makes a model 47E that has double triggers and ejectors, but finding it in a short barrel maybe difficult, 26 3/4" seems to be the shortest they make. I do know that they are built like a tank, on the same box lock action they use for dangerous-game double rifles. Extremely strong. European old school deisgn so ti should be well balanced and point well. A bit pricey too.
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    I'd say the only compromise you could easily make is on length. You can always have it cut and treaded for chokes.
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