Remington 870 forearm (slide) swap

Remington 870 forearm (slide) swap

This is a discussion on Remington 870 forearm (slide) swap within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; As some of you might know, I've been contemplating an HD shotgun again......I've over-ridden the urge on the PT1911 until this is done. I've been ...

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Thread: Remington 870 forearm (slide) swap

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    Remington 870 forearm (slide) swap

    As some of you might know, I've been contemplating an HD shotgun again......I've over-ridden the urge on the PT1911 until this is done. I've been up in the air about the 870 express 7+1 and the Mossberg 500 or 590. No more....I'm dead set on the Remington, and got a good price from my local dealer on the 7+1 bead sights Express model of $299+tax. However, I saw an 870 Tactical at another dealer this week for $439. The two were side by side and the only difference I saw was the smaller tactical synthetic forend which I like a heckuva lot more than the swan style, full length forend on the basic 870 pump. I'm wondering if it would pay to get the regular 870 express 7+1 and swap forends, or whether the 'tactical' model is worth that much more with no change in sights or stock other than the forend. How hard would it be to swap, and would I be better off buying the tactical up front rather than the HD model and finding a tactical forend and swapping? Anyone done this swap? Roughly a $100 difference for me after taxes. Thanks.

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    Money and hassle wise, its a wash...I'd probably buy the gun you want and be done with it. But, it is easy 5 minute job to swap forends, and there are tons of after market stuff out there for an 870.
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    I went with the Hogue fore end. It is rubber cover, so it gives a good grip. Only took and 15 minutes to do total. Sure handles a lot better. I went with a Choate Mag tube Ext. to get the 7 + 1.

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    I seem to think it is cheaper to buy it already "tacti-cool". I bought a plain jane 870 Express for $175 then spent another $100 on an 18" barrel and another $100 or more on a mag extension tube and ATI tactical forend kit.

    Thats $375 and I didnt even get a butt stock for it like a Speed Feed or Spec Ops.
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    RR, you don't mention whether these are synthetic or not- I assume they are. If you have a plain ol' mitre box at home, you can clamp the swan fore end in there and saw it off about 1/4" behind where the rear of the slide bars bottom out. Dust the edge with some 320 grit wet/dry & it looks factory. I will say, I prefer a Choate stock, as I think Rem is a bit fragile for impact usage. They seem to use more galss in the poly mix.

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