What shotguns can use steel shot.

What shotguns can use steel shot.

This is a discussion on What shotguns can use steel shot. within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; How can you what shotguns can or can not use it? Can my shotgun use steel shot? Stamped on Barrel: Model 12 - 12 GA ...

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Thread: What shotguns can use steel shot.

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    What shotguns can use steel shot.

    How can you what shotguns can or can not use it?

    Can my shotgun use steel shot?

    Stamped on Barrel:
    Model 12 - 12 GA - CHAM
    --Winchester Proof Steel--

    Does steel shot have Home SD advantages?

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    I'm certain your scattergun can take steel shot......however......steel shot is primarly used for waterfowl hunting. It's not very good for HD, too light. Lead buckshot is much better. If you'll be hunting any water birds, I'd recomend at least an inproved cylinder for steel shot....cylinder bore choke is best.

    Besides, "lead poisoning" just sounds better than "steel poisoning" WRT hd applications.

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    Most any shotgun can handle steel shot, unless it has a tight choke. Steel won't compress like softer lead will. Full chock to not recommended for steel shot, you want an open choke. When tighter chokes are used with steel shot, it is usually with an extended choke tube that sit outside the barrel to avoid bulging the barrel. As stated above, steel shot is not a good choice for HD. It was made for water fowl hunting, as it was felt the lead shot posed a hazard to water fowl that might scoop some from the bottom when feeding and be poisoned. LEAD is the better choice for HD.
    You might also want to consider over penetration of walls in the home and use something smaller than 00 buck shot, like perhaps like a game load of #4 or # 6 shot. A load of that at in - the- home ranges ,will make a BIG hole in a BG.

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    steel shot doesn't deform like lead shot,that's one of the problems even tho it's lighter i've seen it blow right thru game.I shot a rabbit with it one time and where lead shot would just leave tears in the ears the steel left holes,at home defense ranges a load of BBB or T-shot and the guys gonna be hurting.But there are better choices in lead, 00 or 4 buck will do a better job.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thanis View Post
    Does steel shot have Home SD advantages?
    Nope. Greater/easier loss of energy when it hits something other than flesh & is more easily deflected.

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    Looks like Winchester model 1912 12 gage with a modified choke barrel, no problem shooting steel through that. You can go here Winchester Manufacture Dates and enter the serial number to find out more.
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    Hey, you guys are splitt'n hairs here. A load of steel shot at SD range into COM is a death sentence.

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