Winchester Chokes

Winchester Chokes

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Thread: Winchester Chokes

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    Winchester Chokes


    I have a winchester 1300 deer gun. I want to get one for home defense, birds ect...

    I have an option to buy a new barrel;
    1 has a poly choke
    1 has the screw in type

    What are pros and cons to these chokes. I heard the poly chokes eventually fall off. Winchoke screw in type costs more

    I would rather just buy a new barrel.

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    I don't know about a poly choke falling off. Screw in chokes are easy to deal with and Win chokes are not expensive. Changing the choke gives you options for what you wish to use the gun for. Improved Cylinder, modified and full will do just about whatever you might want to do, so at worst, that's three choke tubes, and the new barrel ought to come with one. Polychoke you can simply twist to the choke setting you want for the job at hand. Some folks might find easier than toting around extra choke tubes and fiddling with a wrench ( but that is really no big deal at all ).

    I like the screw in chokes personally, no unsightly blob on the end of the barrel. I've used them for years on my hunting and clay shooting shotguns with no troubles. Be sure to keep them snug in the barrel and lubed with anti seize compound and you have no problems.

    But one thing to consider with buying ONE new barrel. You may want a short barrel for home defense and a longer barrel for bird hunting. A short barrel is not going to swing very nicely when tracking a flying target and a longer barrel is going to be bumping into stuff inside a bedroom or hallway.

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