Night sights on AR? Looking at XS and trijicon

Night sights on AR? Looking at XS and trijicon

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Thread: Night sights on AR? Looking at XS and trijicon

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    Night sights on AR? Looking at XS and trijicon

    Looking at these two

    XS tritium white stripe front and tritium rear
    Trijicon tritium setup

    The trijicon is half the price but uses a dot front, instead of the stripe. Will go on a HD gun. Are the dots faster to acquire?

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    I'd skip them. I had a set on one of mine and hated them... they didnt really help much in low light, and didnt allow a precise shot like the standard sights do.
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    I also have no use for them whatsoever. If you want to be able to see your sights at night (and in the day, and to shoot better/faster in all conditions) get an EOTech or similar. Night sights on a rifle are a waste, in my opinion.
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    Well, I guess I'll break with the crowd. I have an XS tritium front sight post on my AR, and I like it just fine.

    Actually, it's not the tritium glow I like most - it's the white stripe. I just pick it up quicker against a complex background than the normal black post.

    If you do buy one, I say get the front sight post only. The ring is too close to your eye to even really see a glow, and if you have a good cheek weld, it'll be in the same spot every time.

    A red-dot optic is definitely the way to go, but I decided to try this out as a way to improve my irons as a backup. No real complaints about it thus far.
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    I have the trijicons. They do glow, no issues there.

    If you are using them in the pitch black, they will be so bright that you can't see your target. I have some 10 years old that are juuuust about right for brightness. IMHO, of course.

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    Ive read before that the issue with the AR night sites is that the glowing dot is not close enough to the tip on the trijicons and XS sights. Making accuracy much harder. IF you have to go with glowing sites, ive heard the 'Tru Glo' is the best for this reason--it puts the dot RIGHT at the tip and also utilizes fiber optic for low light situations too.

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    The OP said that this would be used for a HD gun. Call me crazy but I don't see myself trying to acquire a good sight picture on someone if I hear a crash in the night and have to clear my house. I would much rather have the EOTech or just rely on the 'point and shoot' technique. Most times you are going to have a tactical light if you need to light up a target anyways.

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    I'd invest in a good and reliable illumination device either a handheld or a firearm mounted system (e.g. hard mount to foregrip with remote activator), before thinking about an illuminated front sight.

    Seeing what you'll target is more important than targeting what you can't see.
    This falls under the Ten Commandments of Firearm Safety and the NRA Gun Safety Rules.
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    What you will want and need to do is verify your target, which is paramount.
    Where there is light there will be your front sight be it plain black, white, or tritium.
    Don't be caught in the dark.

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