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Thread: I did it... finally

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    Talking I did it... finally

    A few months ago I posted that I was looking at buying a rifle, because I don't own one, and have very little experience shooting one.

    I put money down on one yesterday. A beautiful little 10/22 with a synthetic stock and a fluted bull barrel. Scope comes mounted already. I'm also planning on picking up a similar one (10/22) that is bare-bones stock, so I can learn to shoot with iron sites too.

    Next stop, and AR-15 of some sort... at least on the rifle train...

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    not a dammed thing wrong with a 10-22 imho , and ars are great fun guns too

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    Oh no!! 10/22's are like 1911's! You cant stop with one, and mods get pricey. Ya might want to get a Volquartsen trigger sear, too lighted it up. It seems like ya probably have a good barrel. Is the stock the hollow short Ruger one, or a aftermarket?

    Have fun with it, that's what 10/22's are for, that and killing squirrels by the truckload!

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    10/22's are reliable , accurate rifles. The trigger typically needs work , but still a great gun. Lots of great aftermarket mods for em too. Only problem I found was with the Ramline double stack mags.

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    Nothing wrong with a 10/22


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    Since you'll have two, you can get the gatling gun kit and have a great toy!!!

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    Ah, the 10/22. In my opinion, one of the "must-buys" in the firearm world. I will have to go get a firm count, but I have several.

    When you end up with a pair of them, store them apart. They tend to multiply if left alone together.....

    Check out rimfirecentral.com if you want to dive into the 10/22 world headfirst! Good folks there, and sponsors to help you get that Volquartsen hammer, and a bolt buffer. Cheap and very worthwile modifications that anyone can do.

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    The rot is setting in Jim - long arms are as much able to lead you into the den of iniquity as handguns, well almost!

    I also would mention Volquartsen - good components.

    I have a Marlin 60 and actually swear by it - but really any reputable 22 rifle is almost a must - cheapest way for a day's plinking.
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    Congrats, great plinking rifle.

    First mod... TEN22's Bolt Buffer. For just a couple of dollars, quiet's the action, and easy to install.

    I'd put the extended mag release ahead of a new trigger, unless you're bench shooting. I always hated the stock mag release.
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