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Opinions on Mini 30 or AK-47

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Thread: Opinions on Mini 30 or AK-47

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    Why not an AR-15 or AR-10? I have both in .223 and .308 and wouldn't trade them for an AK or Mini-30 or 14. I've had a Mini-14 and couldn't wait to get rid of it. I started with a Colt SP1 AR-15 and while it had better accuracy then my Mini-14 I was not as pleased as I could have been. A few years ago I sold it and purchased a Bushmaster Varminter. It will shoot .285 inch groups with hand loads and I love it. My AR-10T shoots 1/2 inch groups with hand loads and is a great long range rifle.
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    Never had an AK, but did have the Mini-30...got rid of it!
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    I'd rather have an SKS than a mini-30, and I'd rather have an AK than an SKS. I've got a couple AKs but I still might pick up a couple SKS's to be safe.

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    GO the AK route - my humble opinion! I have both and the go to gun is the AK. To be specific I have a few AK's , the Ruger and an AR. Looking at what I use it for and would use it for ( home defense, plinking, SHTF rifle) along with the cost of ammo and the ease of maintenance I reach for one of the AK's. They are "Glocklike" in their simplicity and uber reliable.

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    Got an AK! SSR 85C2.

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    Good Choice on the AK!

    I wish the Mini 30 would accept AK mags, then I wouldn't be staring at a glorified deer/coyote gun that overheats with a lot of rounds.

    I would be staring at a gun that overheats that I have mags for, but then again, I only have three ten round mags and the factory five round mag that fit.

    Magazines that dont fall out upon the first shot, misfeed, feed tip of bullet into the edge of the mouth of the barrel (there is no feed ramp), magazines that dont work every effing time are what I have found to be the norm. Maybe it's different now, but I won't invest any more money. (John Masen, among others stopped making mags for the mini 30 b/c there were too many problems between guns, got lucky is what they tell me).

    Doesn't matter if it overheats then does it, when there truly is a problem finding magazines that fit? Pardon the five round factory magazine, of course. Five round magazines are useless. The Mini 30 I own is useless, essentially.

    So I couldn't call it a save my butt rifle, ever.

    I don't think AK's and Mini 30's should be compared at all, nor ever again. They have the same caliber, but not the same aftermarket availability. Think of a product that hung around a while, but eventually disappeared. Kind of like the Ford Escort. That is the Mini 30.
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    The only thing better than buying a Ruger Mini...is SELLING a Ruger Mini.

    If you're determined to own a 7.62x39 rifle, CZ has a GREAT Model 527 bolt-action carbine. If you've GOT to have a semi-auto, then go ahead and get the AK & get it out of your system. Like ragtop automobiles, it usually only takes one or two jumps from wanting to owning to get your fill of 'em.
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