Shotgun question....

Shotgun question....

This is a discussion on Shotgun question.... within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; My question is would a new awb ban effect shotguns with a 7 round capacity? Just wondering. If so, I don't own a shotgun and ...

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Thread: Shotgun question....

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    Shotgun question....

    My question is would a new awb ban effect shotguns with a 7 round capacity? Just wondering. If so, I don't own a shotgun and would postpone purchasing another CZ P-01 in favor of a Remington 870.

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    Who knows what 'wording' could cause any type of ban sometime down the road? This is one reason I purchased a 20" nickle finish coach gun. If that gets banned, we're all in trouble.
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    Who knows...but no collection is complete without an 870.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    Who knows...but no collection is complete without an 870.
    I couldnt have said it better.... the 870 is very versatile. Many barrel and extension options.

    If I knew for sure I was going to get a 870 I might go ahead and buy up a extension or 2 for it, those would be banned before the shotgun itself.....just like the same way hicap mags were banned for pistols.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post collection is complete without an 870.
    Oh man!....... you had better explain this to my wife, because if I tell her I have to buy another gun she's gonna flip. I have an Ithica 37, a Winchester 1200, and a Mossberg 500. I got rid of my 870. I feel so incomplete now, and it's your fault SIXTO. I'll send you the bill for the upcoming divorce.

    Back on topic: I doubt that pump shotguns will be included in any bans. Even the old Clinton ban allowed for 10 rnd mags. The only shottie that was banned AFAIK was the drum fed street sweeper. I wouldn't be suprised to see a ban on the hi-cap mags for Saiga shotguns though.
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    I would think the HD shotgun would make the list in any case. Mag capacity, gauge, sights, length, you name it, + it's evil looking. To heck with another pistol if you don't have a SG. That's what I am currently looking at. Main goal shotgun by end of month (reminder to myself).

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    I got a Mossberg 590 with extended tube for father's day..comes in useful when you have daughters..

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    I would prefer the 870 to the Mossy lines because of the stock 5 round mag tube. Its easier to have a "bird gun" for practice. Changing tubes on a Mossberg isn' hard, but isn't fast, either.

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    There are a few different drafts of a possible AR ban, and of course there are state versions. Some particularly exampt pump action shotguns. They usually focus less on magazine cpazity, but more on features like folding stocks.

    The 2007 version (HR 1022) only applied to some semi automatic shotguns and shotguns wiht revolving cylinder.
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    This all depends of course on the wording in the legislation. Knowing Osama as we do and that he is probably going to win because most gun owners are buying his crap, I would buy the 870 and extension ASAP and expect the worst. On an 870, switching mag tubes is easy and fast, so you could just keep the extended tube on, unless you're going hunting. Even with Osama they should need a search warrant to enter your home.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sgtD View Post
    I have an Ithica 37
    Best shotgun I own and the Best I have ever shot mine is a featherlight too

    Never had any problem with it and it has been abused a bit it will always load and always fire I would highly suggest one even over an 870

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